Sparky the male Pikachu.

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Sparky the male Pikachu.

Post by eNdErPaChIrIsUā™„ on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:35 am

"Challenge Accepted."

An old OC that takes battles seriously, easily angered and accepts any challenge possible; meet Sparky.

Looks like: Bright blue star on his forehead and tail, blue paws with a star in the middle of the paw, black is replaced with dark blue, yellow eyes and dark blue on the tip of his tail and ears, dark blue colored cheeks with a star in the middle.

Happy: Green eyes, stars give off a faint dark green glow.
Sad(Rarely happens): Cloudy blue eyes, stars give off a faint light blue glow.
Mad: Red eyes, stars give off a faint red glow.
Furious: Bright red eyes, blue & dark blue is replaced with dark red, faint red aura surrounds him.
Confused: Purple eyes, stars give off a faint purple glow.
Embrassed: Sky blue eyes, stars give off a faint blue glow.
Shocked/Surprised: Still has yellow eyes, stars give off a faint dark yellow glow, open mouth.
Shy: Pink eyes, stars give off a faint pink glow, slightly blushes.
Dumbstruck: Ears flop down, clear white eyes, stars give off a gray glow, open mouth.

Sparky is an everyday battling and training Pikachu. Sparky does like to be called Starchu. Since Sparky is part Thunderclan; he doesn't like being in deep oceans, large lakes and large pools, which is why he only cleans himself in small lakes.

Sparky, defiantly doesn't want to evolve. Bring him a T-Stone, and he'll go furious on you.

Sparky answers your Questions!:

Q: What is Thunderclan?

Sparky: "Well, Thunderclan was once a cat clan; but the cats passed away from a huge fire in the forest. I found their old territory, and decided to enter in; which is how I become half Thunderclan. Ah, the territory was huge! I went into the nursery, and saw a punch of herbs. Maybe that was for curing diseases of the cats or something."

Q: Why are you afraid of large areas of water?

Sparky: "Well.." *embrassed emotion happens* "Since thunderclan cats can't swim.. Heh.. they.. drown.." ^^;

Q: "Moveset?"

Sparky: "Oh! Right."

Volt Tackle, Brick Break, Grass Knot, Iron Tail. Item: Light Ball.

Q: "History/Back-Story?"

Sparky: "..oh..uh.. Fine, I'll share it."

It was a cloudy evening, almost 6AM, that's when I was born. I took a glance at my brother; Shock, and my sister; Viola. I slightly grinned and made baby-pichu noises. My stars weren't there at that time, though. My mother's name.. I don't remember it, same for my fathers.. but I think my mother was a pop-star Pikachu, and my dad was a Raichu.

(Two days later..)

The house started to burn down, since it was close to Fazbear's Fright. Shock rushed out with me on his back; and Viola followed; one of her Meadow-patterned vivillon wings starting to get on fire. Shock blew it off by using his tail to make a wind that would put the fire down. But, there mother and father were no where in sight. I was terrified of what could had happened to them, and started crying; somehow having these weird, blue stars on my skin. Shock looked surprised/shocked at this, but he didn't want to hear me crying anymore, so he shushed me in a innocent way, making me fall asleep, my stars glowing a dark green to show.. happiness.

(1 month later..)

I evolved into a Pikachu, just like my brother Shock. Viola just watched from a tree, a grin showing from her face. Then, me and Shock started to train together. Which.. resulted with some scars.. heheh.. ^^;.

(2 months later..)

Me, Shock, and Viola found the cats in Thunderclan territory. We all were shocked at this. Seeing a blue-starred cat leading the huge clan.

(1 month later..)

Viola was gone. Maybe she decided to do something important; but forgot about us and never came back.

(2 months later..)

The forest started to burn down. Me and Shock ran for our lives yet again, not even thinking about the Thunderclan cats. Shock then tripped on a thorn, stuck. I shook in fear, rushing over to Shock immediately to get outta the thorn, the fire came after us quickly, and I just used Iron tail on the thorn to let it loose, grabbing Shock and going on all the speed my body could go to. Minutes later, we escaped from the forest, coming into the plains, seeing it as the perfect place for us to live again.

(1 month later..)

We started training again!~ : D

(5 weeks later..)

Viola came back, with one wing missing from the fire. We did everything to help get it back on, but nothing worked. Viola just had to live with only one wing, for now.

(2 months later..)

Shock found a metal wing that he thought would fit Viola's body so she could fly again. We tried and tried, and on the 5th try, it was on.

(3 weeks later..)

Shock and Viola decided they would go live on their own, now. I almost cried while they were leaving. I hope they would come back soon.

(1 year later..)

Found old Thunderclan territory, and decided to live in it as my brand-new home.

(6 months later..)

Became half-thunderclan, and now terrified of water.

(8 months later..)

And, here I am!~ Present-day Sparky!

Sparky: "I hope that was enough to clear up your minds of my actual story.." *coughs from the talking he did*

Q: Did you almost drown once?

Sparky: "Yeah.. but a pop-star Pikachu named Cosplay helped me from drowning, and I'm in her band now, playing the Guitar with Gold; a springtrap-like-espeon animatronic, he was also used just like Springy was, too. I'm sad his left ear and animatronic missing parts isn't fixed yet.."

Q: Birthday?"

Sparky: "September 15th, 1987. :3"

If you have any other questions, just ask me by replying or you can PM me.

~This is eNdErPaChIrIsU, signing off..?~

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Re: Sparky the male Pikachu.

Post by evergreen lemose on Tue Aug 04, 2015 7:01 pm

What are his moves? I love your emotions table, great touch! But if he's gonna battle, he needs moves. XD
Seriously though, this is a really good OC.
evergreen lemose

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Re: Sparky the male Pikachu.

Post by Rella918 on Fri Aug 21, 2015 9:52 am

I agree, moves would be nice. Maybe some history too? Like what is the Thunderclan? Why doesn't he like big bodies of water? Did he almost drown in the ocean? What made Sparky the way he is?

I love the appearance descriptions, all you need to do is just give him more depth and history that's it! Pikachu is one of my favorite Pokemon and this is a good OC for a Pikachu.

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Re: Sparky the male Pikachu.

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