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jake the sableye

Post by shiny beldum on Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:15 am

Oy,hi.another oc by me.so hope you like that.
age:so,hes about 100000 years old.(hes ghost type so hes a ghost,deal with it.)
diet:gems,gems,gems,gems, and did I say gems?
suzie(sableye):his current mate as they have a daughter.They kinda went seprate ways for awhile but they still love eachother they just split up for a little bit
gem(sableye):jakes daughter,currently with her mom while jake travels.
Amethyst(sneasel):traveling with jake while he travels.she has a crush on jake but she never said anything.She saved him from a snowstorm,about 4 times Wink
bloodstone(sableye):his brother
as he was born he had never been noticed beacause of his brother bloodstone.He ran away and got to a cave where he fond suzie.they had an egg so they had to split for awhile.As jake traveled one day he got caught in a snowstorm where sneasel helped him.He forgot about suzie and well he kinda got a little mind wiped by her.So now they travel together.
moves:shadow ball,dark pulse,dig,zen headbutt
quotes:"come down here and say that with a shadow ball in your throat.""dont persaude me.im drunk""do gotta pick a fight with you or are we going to fight.""sooooooo,im hungry""hfn dc dnzvjsgsb ssh zydhdh,I felt like it."

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