Nikeah;The Dragon Queen-CQ OC

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Nikeah;The Dragon Queen-CQ OC

Post by Hindrest1 on Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:21 pm

Nikeah's Backstory: Nikeah has a simple history really. She was born and raised in the dragon kingdom under a fairly poor house. After some rather horrible events, the dragon kingdom was under conquest, which ended up with her mother being lost in the midst of the fighting, and her father dying. Nikeah fled the kingdom, being only 12 years old at the time. Living amongst the wild, time came to pass. She had fended for herself for nearly 7 years after the fateful incident, until she returned to the dragon kingdom, which seemed to have retained its own self rule now. That was the fateful day she met Lady Layla.

Nikeah Now: Nikeah now, is a single mother with a one year old daughter named Layla. Nikeah has since then gained Lord status amongst the dragon kingdom, and her wild like demeanor has changed severely. She changed from a wildling to a Queen in a matter of months really. Nikeah has a faithful servant named Vicky, who is always around when Nikeah needs her, and a few very notable friends. Deity (DDD), Lady Layla, and Orythia.

Apperance:Nikeah is a tall 6'2 woman, always wearing a royal blue and yellow dress bedazzled with the finest jewelry available. She wears her hair back in a bun and/or pony tail sometimes. She has dark skin, and near pitch black eyes. Not many other defining features can be said about Nikeah, except for all the scars concealed underneath her clothing.

Relationships:Nikeah has only ever had one current relationship-which was a person named Nathaniel. Not much else is said about him, other than the fact he died the same way Nikeah's father did, and he is the father of Layla.

Family:Nikeah is pretty much an Orphan queen. She has a step family, however they only ever come for money really, and her step father abused her from time to time. Lady Layla however, ridded of that man and has not been seen since.

Likes:Nikeah likes doing small, fun activities, playing with her daughter, making sure everyone is happy, battling from time to time
Dislikes:Jumpscares, men coming on to her, some dragons (what?), People invading her privacy, etc


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