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RP Room Rules and Guidelines Empty RP Room Rules and Guidelines

Post by Rico on Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:38 pm

Guide to Roleplaying

What Is Roleplaying?
Wikipedia defines roleplaying as ". . . a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterisation, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games."

Can I Roleplay?
Anyone can roleplay; if you've ever been in a school play or played a video game, you've already done so. On Pokémon Showdown, we use the room's chat system to roleplay.

Chat Formatting and Commands
/nick: used to change your nickname, e.g. if you want to change your nickname to Former (Beedrill), you would enter /nick Former (Beedrill). If you want to keep a nickname for yourself, you can register it by clicking on the gear at the top-right corner of the page, and clicking Register. Registered nicknames require a password to be used.
/me: used to format actions. Messages sent using /me are formatted like this: • #Formerhope blocks the sword with his shield.
Bold: reserved for pollmakers to make announcements related to their poll and the current roleplay's host(s) to narrate. Bold text can be entered by **surrounding the text you want to bold with two asterisks**
(text) or ((text)): used for OOC (out of character) chat. When you want to say something unrelated to the roleplay in progress, surround the entire message in either (single) or ((double)) parentheses, depending on your personal preference.

Starting the Roleplay
The first step in starting an roleplay (RP) is creating a poll to decide on the next roleplay, which is decided by majority vote from the room's users. To create a poll, you must send a private message (PM) to one of the room's staff members (indiciated by a %, @, or # symbol next to their name) for permission to make it. PMs can be sent by clicking on the user's username on the userlist to the left, then clicking Chat, or by using /w (format: /w user, message). After receiving permission, ask for users to send you their suggestions for the next roleplay, and which staff member gave you permissions, e.g. "PM me your ideas! Perms from #Formerhope!" You cannot ignore choices based on personal bias (e.g. leaving out Freeroam because you don't like it). Some suggestions may not be allowed; check the rules for more info.

After giving users enough time to send you their suggestions, you can make the poll. Polls should not be biased in any way; if they are, a staff member may void your poll and call for a new one. To make the poll, go on strawpoll.me, entitle it what the poll's for (e.g. "Next RP Poll"), enter the choices that were sent to you, click Create Poll, and a popup with a link to the poll will appear. Copy the link, and paste it in main chat, along with what the poll's for and how much time's left until the poll will end (e.g. http://strawpoll.me/123456 Next RP poll! 3 minutes left). You should repost the poll at least twice to ensure everyone sees it and has a chance to vote. After the poll ends, if there were over 10 options on the poll and the results are or are close to a tie, you may ask for permission to make a top 2 or top 3 poll to decide between the tied options. Otherwise, setup will begin.

Ending the Roleplay
There are two main ways a roleplay can end. The first is a natural end, where once the right conditions have been met, the roleplay automatically ends. Most of these are roleplay specific: a Murder Mystery RP ends when either all the killers have been found, or the killers murdered all the innocents; a Freeroam RP ends when it reaches the two hour limit; and a Conquest RP ends once a warlord or team of warlords has taken over every type.

The second is with an ending poll. Once the roleplay has been in progress for over half an hour, you may PM a staff member for permission to create an end poll. Create a poll on strawpoll.me with a title along the lines of "End RP?" and clear "yes" and "no" options. If the total votes in favor of ending the RP are 55% or over, the roleplay will end.

For structured roleplays, there is often a host required to keep the RP moving. A host is voted on through strawpoll, and is usually in charge of progressing through the RP by developing a storyline, organizing a document, etc. The specific duties of a host vary by roleplay.

If you are the host, DO:
Keep a document
Bold for things related to the roleplay
Make an interesting storyline
Know enough about the roleplay itself to answer questions

If you are the host, DO NOT:
Bold for out of character
Create a confusing/inappropriate situation (for example, a gory Murder Mystery)
Ignore questions from participants

If an RP requires a host and you nominate it for an RP poll, you are expected to be prepared to host it.

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RP Room Rules and Guidelines Empty Re: RP Room Rules and Guidelines

Post by Rico on Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:44 pm

Guide to Using Roleplaying Bot

Roleplaying Bot is Morfent's lovechild as a result of forking BoTTT unprotected. She'll only listen to you if you speak to her in commands.

Informational Commands

  • .rp: states the current RP and how long it has been in progress in the form hh:mm:ss. Regular users can broadcast the command, but it has a 1 minute cooldown, during which Roleplaying Bot will PM whoever calls the command the information rather than broadcasting it.
  • .host: states the current RP's host. Regular users can broadcast the command, but like .rp, it has the same 1 minute cooldown.
  • .site: links to this site. Requires: + % @ # & ~ to broadcast, otherwise Roleplaying Bot will PM you the link instead
  • .void: lists the two RPs that are currently void, along with the RP currently in progress in the other room the command was called in, if any. Requires: + % @ # & ~, and can only be used when no RP has been set
  • .vab: lists the room's autobanned and regex autobanned users. Requres: @ # & ~
  • .vbw: lists the room's banned words and phrases. Requires: @ # & ~

RP Modifying Commands

These commands require + % @ # & ~ in Roleplaying, and @ # & ~ in AmphyRP (due to abuse in the past):

  • .setrp plot: sets a new RP, or changes the set RP. Use this for new RPs when there is a setup period for the RP before it can start
  • .start: starts the RP set with .setrp. This is when Roleplaying Bot will begin to record the RP's progress. Requires there to be a set RP
  • .start plot: if you want to start an RP without a setup period, e.g. Freeroam, use this to set the plot and start it automatically rather than using .setrp and then .start right afterwards
  • .sethost host: sets the RP's host, as well as any co-hosts if they ar specified, or changes who's set as host(s)/co-host(s). Requires there to be a set RP
  • .rmhost: forcefully removes all set hosts and co-hosts so there are none. If you just want to change who's host/co-host, use .sethost instead. Requires a set RP and set host(s)/co-host(s)
  • .rppause: makes Roleplaying Bot announce that the RP is paused, and stops the RP's timer. Requires there to be an RP to be in progress
  • .rpcontinue: makes Roleplaying Bot announce that the RP will continue, and starts the RP's timer once more. Requires there to be a paused RP in progress
  • .endrp: ends the RP. Requires a set RP

Moderation Commands

All of the following require @ # & ~

  • .ab username: adds a user to the autoban list. If they enter the room, Roleplaying Bot will automatically ban them. Only use this for serious repeat offenders; it's not meant for making the bot moderate for you
  • .unab username: removes a user from the autoban list
  • .rab pattern: adds a regular expression pattern to the autoban list. If anyone whose username matches this pattern enters the room, Roleplaying Bot will automatically room ban them, e.g. .rab kernsy will automatically ban anyone with "kernsy" in their username. Only use this for serious repeat offenders that have a specific pattern they always use in their usernames. If /mo[rn]f(?!erno)\w*/i looks like complete gibberish to you, for the love of god do not attempt more complex patterns; ask Morfent to do it instead, as this command can potentially autoban every single user from the room if you enter the wrong kind of pattern
  • .unrab pattern: removes a regular expression pattern from the autoban list
  • .banword phrase: adds a word or phrase to the banword list. Anyone who says a banned phrase gets muted
  • .unbanword phrase: removes a word or phrase from the banword list

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RP Room Rules and Guidelines Empty Re: RP Room Rules and Guidelines

Post by Rico on Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:00 pm

Room Rules:

  • Sexual content and graphic violence (including cannabilism and torture) will not be tolerated. Sexual content in particular will be reported to global staff if discovered, as it is against PS Global Rules ANYWHERE on the site.
  • Contentious topics such as religion, sexual orientation/gender identity, World Wars, racism, etc. do not have a place in the RP room. Discussion or implementation of these topics should be kept to PMs or the appropriate room on PS. 
  • The advertising of other servers or other roleplaying rooms on other servers is not allowed. Our only official separate roleplaying rooms are AmphyRP and RustyRP (located by using /join AmphyRP and /join RustyRP, respectively). Advertising for Group Chats is similarly banned.
  • Some formatting is acceptable; however, blatant abuse is not tolerated.  It’s up to the moderator’s discretion what is and isn’t allowed.
  • Advertizing polls or documents in other rooms is not allowed without permission from a staff member (%, @, or #).
  • Shitposting (off topic and disruptive/spammy chat) should be minimised, and if persisted can be punished with a warn/mute at moderator's discretion. This includes irrelevant dabbing or other spammy things.
  • Only users who have attained the rank of driver (%) and above can give users permission to make polls. Voices (+) or higher may make polls themselves without permission. Furthermore, a poll to end a Roleplay must have 55% of users wanting the RP to end. If you nominate a new RP and that RP wins, then you automatically have permission to do the host poll. If multiple people nommed it, it's first-come, first-served.
  • Don't post random links in the chat without permission from staff. Custom RP links are fine when they are being voted upon in a poll.
  • All polls must have CLEAR, UNBIASED options. Polls with unclear, misleading, biased, or ‘joke’ options can be forced to restart at any point by RP Staff.
  • Attempting to sway a poll to get users to vote for/against something is also strictly against the rules. This includes complaining that [roleplay] is going to win, whining that [roleplay] never wins and anything else we believe is said with the intent to get people to vote a different way. Additionally, ANY host who tries to sway votes during an endpoll will have their RP immediately ended.
  • There must be a two Roleplay grace period before an RP can be repeated. For example it must be MM, a different roleplay, and a roleplay different from those two, before a MM can be done again.( MM, CQ, PokeHigh before MM may be done again, for example)
  • Don’t insult a roleplay because you don’t like it. Different people like different things and while you may abhor one RP, others may love it.
  • No server bashing, directly or indirectly in chat.
  • Don’t be rude to staff. Our staff try their best to help the room and work on a volunteer basis.
  • If you see any behavior you disagree with by a staff member, talk to a Room Owner.
  • Any organized 'raids' are subject to being locked and permanently banned from the room. This includes "jokes" such as entering and roleplaying off topic. Ignorance of rules is not an excuse. 
  • In addition to the above rules, please follow PS' global rules.

Roleplaying Rules:

  • When Roleplaying, use English. No “hooting” or using the name of the Pokémon as the only thing you say. 
  • While a roleplay is in progress, use (preferably) ((double parentheses)) to talk in out of character. OOC should be easily distinguishable as such, even if not using double parentheses. Please keep your OOC relevant to the roleplay, and keep it minimal if you can. Constant abuse of OOC will, if authority decides to do so, make OOC and any attempts to get around it an instant mute for a short period of time.
  • No legendary pokemon are allowed without having received permission. This includes hosting RPs such as MM, DnD, and Trainer (but not GvE or Conquest). More information can be found here.
  • CAP Pokemon (with the exception of Aurumoth), Ditto, Smeargle, and Zoroark/Zorua are allowed, given that they and their abilities are not abused. If asked by a staff member to change Pokemon, please do so promptly.
  • Roleplaying as any non-sentient object such as an egg, rock, etc. is not allowed. 
  • Fakemon (excluding the CAP Pokemon) and fusion Pokemon are not allowed: this includes fake Megas.
  • References to drugs, alcohol, or excessive gore are banned in-RP, even for roleplay hosts. Keep swearing to a minimum, although bear in mind Pokemon Showdown is PG-13 and therefore this are allowed in moderation.
  • You may not RP as any unreleased Pokemon or canon characters (such as Ash, Sonic, Sans etc.). This includes being somehow related to an existing canon character.
  • Godmodding, powerplaying and metagaming are not allowed, and depending on the severity of the godmod/disruption punishments will be scaled accordingly. A definition of these terms can be found here.
  • Outside fandoms and real-life topics (including but not limited to historical references, specific/famous people, songs, named apps such as Google, television shows, etc.) are not to be used in Official Roleplays. If you have an official RP (such as PokeHigh, MM, Kingdom, etc.) that disallows the use of Pokemon, you MUST run that as a variant or at the very least make it clear to the other users. Simply saying that it's stated on your document does not count as making it clear. Custom RPs may contain outside fandoms* if given permission by the host as long as they are within the bounds of the other Roleplaying and Global rules. (*except MLP)
  • Mega Evolution and Z-Moves cannot be performed without a Trainer unless specified otherwise (including Ash-Greninja). This includes utilizing an item or changing any part of your character/backstory to allow your OC to Mega Evolve or use a Z-Move when it normally wouldn't (note: the PMD item 'emera' falls under this restrictive category. It is allowed in PMD but not outside of it).

Hosting Rules:

  • All hosts must follow all room rules. This applies to everything including legendary permissions and bold abuse.
  • When a roleplay calls for a document, that document must be readable by staff standards. We suggest having a clear color scheme (no overly bright fonts on dark backgrounds or light fonts on light backgrounds), a neat font (no compressed, super cursive, or small fonts), and generally being neat. If there are any doubts on formatting, ask a staff member before attempting to use the document.
  • Documents may not have any sort of ban list. If a user is being disruptive, take it up with staff.
  • A custom document MUST be approved by at least three staff members. Go here for more information.
  • You cannot host on any device other than a laptop or PC. This includes mobile devices, tablets, and consoles.

Staff Info


  • + Voice: they can use the ! commands like !data. They are example users and should be consulted if you have a question.
  • % Driver: the first level of staff. They can mute users, give permissions for polls, and force a roleplay to end if necessary, in addition to the above.
  • @ Moderator: they can ban users from the room and set modchat, in addition to the above.
  • # Room Owner: they set the rules and room policy. They can grant permission to RP as legendaries and promote users, in addition to the above.

Promotions are awarded to users who have displayed a good chat presence in the room and have the trust of the staff and the room owners. Having maturity and being a good presence across the simulator is also needed.

Demotions are handled by room owners and will be considered if a ranked user has been inactive without reason or has been deterrent to the room.

Q: “A ranked user is telling me rules for the RP that aren’t on this document.”
A: Almost every Roleplay has its own set of rules and each person runs a roleplay differently. Talk to the Roleplay host or a ranked user to clarify rules.

Q: "What is (insertRPnamehere)?"
A: If you have questions about what a Roleplay is, refer to that portion of this website. If the roleplay is not on our website, it is a custom, and you should check the .rp or ask the Roleplay host for the document.

Q: Why do we have three rooms?
A: To give us the ability to run two separate Roleplays at once, among other things. Additionally we run custom, hosted RP's in our newest room: RustyRP.

Q: "Where do I start?"
A: Watch, Listen and ask if you can hop in! It's recommended to read the descriptions of the different roleplays and maybe watch one or two before you get started, but when you want to get involved with a roleplay such as Freeroam, you can literally just enter and participate. Might take a minute or two before you're noticed, so be patient, but just have fun. If you ever have a question about how to enter a roleplay, ask a voice or above member.

Q: "Why can't we join in the middle of a Murder Mystery?"
A: The murderer(s) are chosen at the start of the roleplay, so if you enter midway through it's already guaranteed that you aren't the murderer and therefore defeats the purpose of the roleplay's plot.

Q: "Should I talk OOC all the time?"
A: No, when your character is saying something, or preforming an action, OOC is not needed. Also, when a roleplay isn't in progress, OOC is not needed.

Q: "What the heck is happening here?"
A: Our room can be extremely confusing if you aren't used to it. If you have read our guides to getting started and still feel confused, talk to a staff member and they can help you out.

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RP Room Rules and Guidelines Empty Re: RP Room Rules and Guidelines

Post by Rico on Fri May 13, 2016 11:05 pm

There have been changes to the way we deal with certain banned words.

You will NO LONGER be punished for saying any of our normal banwords, as your message simply won't go through. Trying to evade this system is reason enough for an instant ban from the room.

Our banwords are:

Chatzy (Only the website)

If we notice banwords being evaded, they will be added to the bot which now autobans when something it doesn't like is said... so don't tempt it!
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RP Room Rules and Guidelines Empty Re: RP Room Rules and Guidelines

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