Candiies's Doodle-A-Dragon Workshop! [Open!]

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Candiies's Doodle-A-Dragon Workshop! [Open!]

Post by Candiies on Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:22 pm

Welcome to the Doodle-A-Dragon Workshop!
You've arrived at a thread full of hopes and dreams... And quite a few scaly, warm-blooded, possible winged, and ferocious or cuddly creatures!

Here in my fifth or so drawing thread, there are a few notes I'd like to leave to you all.

  • First off, you shouldn't expect any drawings to come back within a week- Even two, maybe. If you've request from my most recent Gijinka thread, then you'd probably realize that I'll get back to you really, really late.
  • Secondly, unlike the rest of my threads, you need to fill out everything with as much detail as you can- In fact, the request form is already really, really long. If you've missed a detail, either change it on your form and notify me via this thread/PMing me, or by simply telling me on this thread.
  • Third, please, please, PLEASE copy the [spoiler] that I posted directly below the form that has details. It just makes my life easier when I'm drawing so you don't miss anything!
  • Lastly, if you ever plan to use this in roleplaying, or anything of that sort, credit goes where credit is due! Just like any other artist, professional or not.

Request Form
Name: No, not your username- If you have a specific name for the dragon that you're requesting, put it here. If not.. Well, just put your username, then.

Type of Dragon: Either put Dragon (Forelegs, hindlegs, wings place in between), Wyvern (Wings used as forelegs, hindlegs usually thicker), or Drake (Forelegs and hindlegs, no wings). If you have something else in mind, feel free to put it here.

Gender: Differences can include more regal/eyelashed eyes, slimmer limbs, etc.

Skin: Smooth, scaly, or feathery?

Age: Hatchling, adolescent, or adult?

Body Type: Is your dragon's body serpentine, like an Eastern Dragon, regular (as described above), skinnier, chubby, short, etc.

Eyes: Are the pupils round, slits, rectangle, etc? Is the eye shape round, narrow, almond-shaped?

Skin/Scales/Etc: Can't really do too much or anything too complicated- I'm still a beginner when it comes to drawing digitally.

Underbelly: Does your dragon have a separate color going from their stomach spreading out towards its tail and lower jaw? Specify here- If not, ignore this or put N/A.

Eyes: Self-explanatory.

Wing Membrane: If you have smooth or scaly skin, then you can choose a separate color for this. Generally ignore if you chose feathers.

Extras! Add color in parentheses next to what you put.
Horns: Where do you want horns to be placed, how many, etc. This also applies for spikes on the body. Horns can be swapped out for ears, or you can have both. If you have ears, specify shape.

Spine: Spikes, fins on the spine, etc.

Tail: Scorpion stinger, extra-sharp spikes, mace head, etc.

Extra Appendages: Any extra wings, legs, heads, tails, etc. Eyes included.

Pose/Action/Expression: Self-explanatory, if you want the dragon to be winking, flying around, giving you puppy eyes, etc.

Anything Else?: Is there anything else that you want to add, but wasn't on the form?

Copy and paste this, then fill it out!

Type of Dragon:




Body Type:





Wing Membrane:

Extras! Add color in parentheses next to what you put.



Extra Appendages:


Anything Else?:

quick sketches of boredom:

i used to make gijinkas for people on the forum but now i dont so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

my art blog lmao


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