Meet this OC. (A lot of stuff to read.)

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Meet this OC. (A lot of stuff to read.)

Post by Ninjasifu on Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:58 pm

Hmm, I have lots of OCs, but this one is the most successful.

Name: Kiiro Kami (Disguises as Marth Lowell in Freeroam)
Age: Depends on 12-16
Nationality & Religion: Filipino-Korean, Follower of Zaros (CQ), R.C. (FR)
CQ stats: Mostly Poison, Never died, Always a child.
Height: 5'??"
Weight: 89.8 lbs.
Disabilities: Blindness (Kingdom), Loss of frontal lobe [which causes no fear] (MM), Amputated legs (Fluqour custom)
Most recognizable battle in CQ: Vs. Nebulous (Weavile) #5 1-0 (Fire>Fighting) Result: Win with 7% HP
Appearance: Black glasses with thick lens, Yellow-dyed hair in small ponytail, Usually in a kimono in a floral pattern, Sometimes in armor representing the Prince of Altea a.k.a the Hero-King.
Trivia: This OCs name roughly translates to "Yellow-hair" in Japanese, he usually is the self-proclaimed "Crit King" due to his Drapion, his favorite Pokemon you say... Hitmonlee, he was originally designed to be a clone of Len Kagamine.

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