Runaway - Intro (base drawin')

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Runaway - Intro (base drawin')

Post by eNdErPaChIrIsUā™„ on Sun Oct 18, 2015 9:22 pm

Base used:
Deviantart post:

Gold's in the intro for the new series I'm making on deviantart!...
What could this mean!? Shocked

Yes, I'm making a series called Runaway.
Main characters: Sparky (blue starred Pikachu), Ender (me), and Gold (springlock espeon).
Normal Characters: Poison (purple snivy), Bluecloud (weird colored oshawott), Ruby (pink eevee), Star ('not a goddess in the roleplaying chat room' leafeon - rarely appears), Lavacloud (1st official tepig OC), Twilight (Espeon), Lluvia (Vaporeon leader in a camp - rarely appears), and Littlecloud (Bullied Light gray shinx with black cheeks - rarely appears).
Took me 45 minutes, only 1 mistake.
Thanks, Articuno!~
Made w/ base; effects are with picmonkey.

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