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Characters of an Areidis

Post by Areidis on Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:25 am

Alright, re-doing this post all together.

A More Or Less Complete List Of OCs Belonging To An Areidis:
. . .

  • Areidis - S. Scolipede

A Scolipede Gijinka.
Areidis is my first character.  A tall, lanky Scolipede whose personality reflects off my own; he can be terrible, or he can be nice.  Naturally, it's a shiny; I liked them better.  With short cut hair the colour of the Scolipede's body and a rather pale complexion, he wears a black, tight sleeveless top and black pants.  He always has a puffy jacket which is partially segmented much like the Scolipede's body; each section has a bright ring the same colour as the shiny Scolipede's.  About the collar there is a white shock of fluff.  His belt is banded the red and purple of a shiny and regular Scolipede and the end slits into lightning-shapes.  Typically wears boots.

  • Skrai - S. Skarmory

A Shiny Skarmory with more of a history.
Skrai was one of the first pokemon I used more than once.  He had a strange accent (which I am unable to replicate now) and belonged to the trainer "Nickthechampion".  A lover of all berries, he usually went looking for them when he was not needed.  With the ability STURDY, he could endure quite a bit; he was also a full-out attacker.  After a fair number of battles trying to keep Nick safe, he eventually lost an eye.  It was replaced with a bionic one, but he disliked it very much.  He did not get along with Nick's Lucario.

  • Valid - Aggron

A scarred Aggron.
Valid was my main Murder Mystery pokemon.  He was always grumpy or unforgiving at first, until he gained a friend.  Then, he would be more open and possibly warmer in temperance.  His steel-coated hide is scarred by the many murders he has survived, or not.  There is not much else to say about him aside from that.

  • Gamble - Arbok

A motherly Arbok.
I have only used her once, but she proved to be a warm purple snake.  Always loving and willing to fight for any younger ones.  She would typically use the word 'gamble' when talking about risks, therefore making a pun (?) out of her own name.  She also had SHED SKIN, which made it easier for her to attack her enemies if they used multiple status effects.

  • Puppet - Alakazam

A trembling Psychic-type.
Puppet was only used once in a Murder Mystery where she died a horrible death.  Typically carrying about an orb with her telekinetic powers, she can be quite the timid thing.  Always wanting to appear in the best light, yet never able to speak up so she is not pushed around.  With MAGIC GUARD, the orbs will never fully affect her, but it does look odd when her skin is tinted purple with poison or red from a severe burn.  She had act much like a puppet if someone gains her trust; this is very easy, actually.  Childish.

  • Sax - Beedrill

A green buzzing thing.
Sax was never used, but I had plans for him due to him being present in my "Roleplay Options" team 3.  He was to be an energetic thing, always on the move and constantly wanting to be noticed.  Naturally, he would be a rather fierce attacker when the time called for it and SNIPER ensured he got a good hit.  He would have been one of many Freeroam characters.  As a Gijinka, he would constantly carry about up to five weapons: a lance, spear, blades and vials of toxins.  He would always wear a strange ornament upon his head and his hair would be blonde and dyed green at the ends.  He would have been a great person/pokemon.

  • Granite - Feebas/Milotic

An easily-angered and territorial male.
Granite was first created when I was in a FR chatzy.  It was not the best, but I managed to establish Granite as the pokemon you do not want to cross.  He was temperamental and massively vain.  Usually, he lived in the more popular lakes though he has one specific one within a grove where small Feebas live.  He can be a great caretaker to Feebas and Magikarp, but if they evolve he is beating them to get them to scram.

  • Mary - Chandelure

A rather pleasant young woman.
Mary was my first Kingdom character.  She is pleasant, polite and an eager learner.  She was reflected off my slightly-mature/childish nature when I joined Amphy.  Taught how to dance, she can do so only ever so well.  Naturally, she is a wanderer and wishes only to explore the world.  She is almost immune to Fire attacks due to FLASH FIRE, but she can only hold them off for so long with her magical ability.

  • Matter - Deino/Zweilous/Hydreigon

A rather pathetic dragon.
Matter is a more passive Dragon.  Timid, he wanders the area looking for a way to possibly see the world.  He has seen it once, but his eyes were blinded by the light and, subsequently, the poor thing went into hiding until the fur regrew itself.  Though not naturally aggressive, he will flail and bite when he is held down or when terrified.  He is close to evolving, but he does not know what evolution means, not what it might do; afraid of the future, he refrains from evolution.  He is likely to get hit an awful lot, though he is able to somewhat defend himself.  His fur naturally carries a slight electric charge which he uses in Thunder Wave.

  • Gage Eust - Piplup/Prinplup/Empoleon

A klutzy king-impersonation.
Gage is always known for his defiance and his inability to actually be of use.  Bad at conversations, walking, physical activity and almost everything, he tends more to fall on his face than anything.  Despite this, he has a very regal composure and ensures that the small crown-like King's Rock stays perched atop his head properly.  He is proficient is utilization of large bladed weapons, specifically greatswords.

  • Stallem - Drapion

A red mercenary-thing who changed.
Stallem, at first, was a mercenary.  Over time, he changed from that into a more lovable and easier to handle lunar rabbit in a Kingdom.  Afterwards, he was not very violent and always willing to rub his cheeks on something to make it feel better.  A real cutie while I RP'd as him.

  • Off - Spritzee

A bad-tempered Fairy.
Off(ensive) was never the most kind nor prettiest of the Spritzee.  He usually smelled absolutely terrible and took great joy in spreading the noxious fumes about to agitate others or otherwise make their lives uncomfortable.  Loyal to a point, he will follow those who feed him sweeter things or are just nicer to him.  This following is mostly him fluttering behind them weakly.

  • Lollii - Summoner/Puppeteer

A Typhlosian Gijinka.
Lollii was always a bad sport.  He had a bad attitude, usually only caring for his summons, and had a complete disregard for the majority of existence.  He is not very skilled, his creations being constructed of a specialized paper that was quite remarkable in its own way; when formed into the summoned thing, it immediately takes on the traits of that thing.  Unfortunately, this is why they are always so weak to fire.

  • Sir Henry - Snivy/Servine/Serperior

A rather stuck-up snob of a royal.
Sir Henry was someone was aspired for nothing more than the throne and the lands surrounding his Kingdom.  He was selfish, never taking into consideration anything that was below him and had a slight way with words so as to manipulate the servants into rebellions.  He was quite proud as well.

  • Aegis the Guardian - S. Druddigon

A shiny feral Druddigon.
Aegis was always a territorial dragon.  Being weaker than most others, he makes up for this in sheer force of will and irritability.  Usually guarding a series of crystal-littered caverns, he will not stand for someone else trespassing.  If they defeat him, he is likely to stay off to the side though his hostility will not decrease.  He merely respects those who are powerful until he can overthrow them.

  • Ialu - Musharna Gijinka

A quiet and queer man.
Ialu is a strange one.  Always excited at the prospect of movement, he will go on and see what the world is like.  As soon as he reaches a destination, he has no care for what lays there.  Instead, he picks up a stone and continually speaks to it as though it were another sentient being.  His voice is obnoxious and he will easily seem "high and mighty" when he talks to another actual sentient being or person.

  • Langdon the Great

A rather fiery kitsune.
Langdon was originally a slave who was sent to the mines.  His proud spirit was never broken and he eventually escaped.  Being a kitsune, he was quite easy to spot until he utilized an illusion to hide himself from the general public.  Now he roams about without much care, though his self-important attitude is quite easy to spot.

  • Glace Leon - S. Glaceon

A shiny Glaceon.
Glace Leon was a character I have not used.  He was expected to be rather playful, always carrying around a weapon that utilizes his signature ice-type attacks.  He was never used, so his personality was never developed.

  • Madam Centipede

100% joke on Penny.
Her team?  Amazing.  Otherwise?  Never RP'd as her.

  • Sting - Buizel

A rather frail Buizel.
Sting is one who is more likely to hiding behind a boulder than actually attacking.  With a Choice Band about his arm, he strives to become the best Water-type there is with inflated hopes and dreams.  He met a Braviary and usually wears the ornament he was given as a friendship gift.  He is friendly though easily scared.

More will be added sooner or later.

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