[KINGDOM] "Reborn into this world, left only to destroy what remained." Falcon the Humasilisk OC

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[KINGDOM] "Reborn into this world, left only to destroy what remained." Falcon the Humasilisk OC

Post by Halohbottech on Fri Dec 18, 2015 1:08 am

There's no greater pain than having to leave those whom you love behind. That is, unless you come back, not knowing they've long gone, expecting warm, open arms, and only finding the cold, gripping truth: you've abandoned those closest to you, and you are, truly and wholly, alone. It's a life not worth living. It's a life to be abandoned. Yet, if it were you, would you? Could you? Maybe. Maybe not. That's not my place to decide.
It's yours.

"Things we never want. Things we never need. Things that can only spell our death, our doom.
I've seen them all.
I'll never get to see them leave my mind, then or soon.
I have only wish: to cease my echoing call:

Age / Gender / Race: 43 / Male / Humasilisk (Humasilisk explanation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CSy3BYR7ZJgBShA8hIndVeIcJKbWJ41g_bR26v0KYYM/edit )

Personality/What do you need? If it isn't important, leave me be. I have knowledge that'd only destroy what you hold dear.
Falcon. What is there to say about this despicable creature? I'm sorry, but that is all that can be used to describe this... thing. It has no place on this earth. He is, in his own words, the embodiment of Nothingness- its emissary to this world. Believing himself to be wholly empty of anything relatively close to emotion, he holds a deadpan expression on his face that'd remind one of the lowest point in their life, when the were so beyond depressed that they could only feel numbness, pouring into their very soul, the emptiness making them as hollow as an abandoned flute. The words that pour from him are cold and remorseless, and are the truth as he sees it. He does not believe in restraint, and will say whatever needs to be said, and whatever he wants to say. His attempts at humor leave people with a hollow hole where their funny bone once was, his sarcastic attitude draining them of humor in instants. Yet, he doesn't force his problems on others- he opts, instead, to bury the pain of the loss of all he ever loved deep within himself, in the hopes it'll be crushed by the overwhelming emptiness within him into a tiny, painless lump. What little he sees worth in this world he protects with an incomparable passion that is so unlike him, it is as if he becomes a new Humasilisk. Even still, he is an atrocity upon this world, and no matter how much he's pained, the pain he's caused others will never be reconciled.
He'll never find Salvation, no matter how much that small, winking spark of hope within him dearly wishes.

Skills: He holds all the skills a normal Humasilisk normally would, except his are amplified by his being under the protection of the demon Baelgard, who revived him from the dead to do his bidding. In life, he was already a powerful Humasilisk- while not the most physically powerful Humasilisk, he was trained long ago in various martial arts (Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, etc.) and is very skilled with his sword, Zezze, a custom-made katana. Along with this, he's perfected his venom manipulation, and is the only Humasilisk able to create acids and bases along with poisons.

Weaknesses: All of the same weaknesses a normal Humasilisk would have- slightly more resistant to heat-based magic. Cannot stand cutesy-wutsey stuff.

Gear: His katana, Zezze, a pair of black, silk gloves, a long black overcoat filled with various biles and poisons, and his everyday clothes. Wears a leather tunic underneath his loose, white, sleeveless shirt.
He also has the mark of the Order of Ouroborus- the cult he created with his Humasilisk brethren- branded on his gloves and on his forehead.

History "I have so much of it, I might as well be a walking, talking history book. Hmph. But don't make fun of my age."

Grey Sunrise:
A long time ago- much longer than Falcon's been along, there lived a young Humasilisk, bright, happy, and full of life. Despite this, he was, inside, quite the unhappy fellow. For, you see, he was born in a human village; his mother having been gravely injured trying to find a place to birth the youngling, died in the barn in which he was born. She was notorious around the village as one who'd kidnap men, women, and even children to feast upon them. However, even she had her reasons for this. For, giving birth to the unholy child of the Basilisk was quite a difficult prospect for the poor human lady, and it was made all the harder by the fact the child's thirst for human blood was present, even as a fetus, and thus forced her to feed upon her fellow man, tears staining her face. At one time, she was a beautiful adventuress, having now been made into something resembling an old hag who, with eyes as dull as a thousand year old shield, trudged on cracked, muddied, wrinkled toes that cracked every time they touched the earth below. Even from within the womb, he was a killer, as every day he grew stronger and closer to birth, she grew weaker, and closer to death. And then the day came, and the first Humasilisk to walk the earth was born.

When the villagers hunted the hag down to the barn, they did not find her body. All they found was a large, black stain, smelling eerily of rust, mixing with the disgusting stench of animal. The babe had taken its first life.

And yet, despite this woman's death, and the disappearance of the child she bore, when a baby appeared at the edge of the village, crying and bawling, they thought nothing of the coincidences. A mistake not even five years later they'd come to regret. In those five years, the baby grew into a toddler, yet unlike all other toddlers, he did not try and bond with others his age, and instead opted to play by himself, or in the wilderness where venomous snakes became his friend instead of his bane. And, by the time he reached his fifth year of age, his bloodlust had once again set in. Tearing through the village with speed and strength thought to be impossible, he tore the people to shreds- leaving not one person alive, not even the elderly couple who rescued him. Then, he fell into a deep slumber so he could digest his meal. This sleep would begin him down a dark, malevolent road, one he could not hope to return from.

Argent Dawn:
In the dark recesses of the young man's dreams a pair of golden eyes bored into his soul- the eyes of his true father: the immortal Basilisk. (Unknown to many, the gaze of the Basilisk does not turn Humasilisks to stone, instead, his gaze does the opposite to them: it makes them much more powerful and much more quick to be under his death-glare.) His hissing whispers spoke of a man who'd assaulted him his whole existence, who'd bore down on him like a great falcon, looking and waiting for the perfect moment to strike him down. In his fear of death, he consummated the first Humasilisk as a way to continue his bloodline, and to ensure his terror would continue long after he was gone. He gave the young man his mission: kill the Hunter and his pupils- leave none behind- and ensure his father's survival, for the Basilisk is immortal by all ways, except by that of fire and steel.

When the young man awoke, he found himself bedridden, being looked over the young man who'd become his brother in the next thirteen years: Melchio, a kind soul with power unimaginable. He grinned, rubbing his hand through the young man's coarse, gold and black hair- striped, like a zebras- and told him his master wanted to see him. Helping him up, and to the door, the young man was quick to throw off Melchio's help, and walk on his own. Every now and again he'd stumble, but he'd always catch himself.

By the time he made it to the master's office, he was alight with sweat, his scales glistening like he'd just hopped out of the shower. The instant he entered, he felt a chill run down his back as he stared at the imposing Master, whose wall was lined with trophies from all kinds of famous beasts: Chimeras, Centaurs, even Dragons were not safe from his hunting blade, which sat above his chair on the wall like an emblem. The young man swallowed, and approached the master, who, in a flash, had the blade at his throat. He knew what he was. He knew why he was here, as did the young man the instant that blade was leveled at his throat. He would've been dead, if not for Melchio, who, in his innocence, pleaded to his master to let the Humasilisk try and redeem himself by training with him and the rest of the pupils. The Master, known as Hunter, scoffed at the idea, but allowed it, stating that if he ever found one of his pupils poisoned or dead at the young man's hands, he'd add his head to his trophy collection.

And yet that never happened. Sure, the young man came close many times to killing his pupils- now his brothers and sisters in training- but either Melchio or Hunter were there, and he found himself unable to kill. Soon enough, he lost the will to kill his fellow trainees, as they became less his prey and more his siblings- his closest being Melchio, as they were rarely seen apart. While he was quite introverted, he found himself to be a spectacular fighter, using his tail (which he'd grown to full length from when he was born to when he awoke by Melchio's side) as one of his greatest weapons, though there was never a clear winner between him and Melchio. Even at their exams, when they were the final two left, they fought for two straight days, before collapsing from exhaustion at the same time: they were evenly matched. His future was bright at his final days at Hunter's dojo, as he was crowned a champion student along with Melchio. But, as life would have it, things just couldn't be good for him. He was never destined to be happy. So, life made sure to remind him of that the night of his graduation.

Ferrus Daybreak:

"I do not regret allowing the spawn into my home. I do not regret feeding him. I do not regret training him. I do not regret saving him. I do not regret teaching him. I do not even regret forgiving him.
The only thing I regret is loving him. He was as much my child as the Devil's. Alas, I forgot the most important thing of all... that despite him being my child... he was originally an abomination.
And abominations never change..."
- The Master, Hunter

"Why... why?! I loved you a-as a brother... and yet you... broke me- us- like we were nothing but toys- bits of wood to be tossed away, or burned for your amusement...
I... I hate you, brother...
I still love you...
But I cannot... cannot comprehend...
- One of the students under the Master's tutelage

"I can hear their silent screams, muffled by brother's- no- the abomination's scaled paw, as he sinks his ivory into their necks, transmuting their blood to acid, and turning their bones to ash. Brother Asmir was the first to go- he didn't even know what killed him. But, his writhing form, the hideous look on his face as the poison worked its sick magic- the frothing at the lips, the silent curses he swore to the abomination, the silenced screams he loosed as his insides turned to mush, and leaked out of every hole in his body, and finally, the blackening of the eyes- it was truly a horrid sight. Our sister almost screamed out in time, but his tail crushed her windpipe in an instant. Oh god, he's looking at me. Brother Melchio if you read this...

Kill him.
- One of the students under the Master's tutelage

"As I look over the rotting corpses of my brothers and sisters, a single question rises in my mind. Why? Why would he do this? We loved him... I loved him! We all wanted him around- no, needed him around! He was so level headed- he kept us all in check, when we were out of line- he kept us from going at each others throats! He looked over us, no, hovered over us, like we were kin! We shed tears together! Bled together! Loved together! Hated together! We were everything together!
Why has he split us apart?
Jeremiah, why did you destroy our family? Were we not good enough for you!? What compelled you to rip our family to shreds?! Why let me live to see?! Am I the reason you killed us? Ripped out our hearts and stomped on them? Do you hate me that much as to destroy those whom I've lived with so long?! WHY? I showed you all the affection I could, and this is what I'm repaid with?! Gore, bile, heinous remains?! Shattered bones and broken hearts? Is that really all you leave behind...?
You monster...
You abomination...
Y o u d i r t y b r o t h e r k i l l e r

- Melchio, Herald of Good, Destructor of Evil, Bane of Basilisk

"...A cold breeze runs through my hair, as diamonds of ice flutter to the ground, as delicate as human life. They touch my skin and turn black. They melt into goo, like those whom I love. I am nothing. I've always been nothing. Nothing but a puppet. I feel no hate. I feel no jealousy. I feel no remorse.

All I feel... is nothing. And I love it.

...A soft crunch underfoot, and an icy tingle coincide like murder and cannibalism. It's eerie, how well they work together. The cold permeates my feet, and runs up my spine. I've come of age- I've reached the threshold of twenty-one, and I feel like I am still a babe to the world. Yet, I feel no awe. I feel no sense of respect. I feel no obligation to give honor.

All I feel... is nothing. And... I love it.

A sharp crack behind me, and the guttural, seething breathing of a man filled with nothing for me but hate. Hah. I've never felt that feeling before. Melchio... do you know what that feeling's like? Why do I even ask. I don't care. I can't care. I won't care. Because...

All I care about... is nothing. And I love it.

A sting, as a blade crosses the threshold of my skin, and pierces my heart- this is the one thing I feel: pain. It reminds me I'm still alive. Well, even now, that feeling fades, and enters the void in me where all that I felt before has gone.

All I feel... is nothing. All I want, is nothing. All I care about, is nothing. All I love, is nothing...


- Jeremiah, Son of Basilisk, Herald of Death, Destructor of All

Lead Rebirth:
A single instant, and life is reborn into the monster. However, life... cannot be defined as what he is now. A demon brought into this world. A demon brought him out of it. A demon brought him back. His before was nothing but evil, unrequited evil, and a lust for the death of all around him. But, now? His sense of ambition, so skewed by his life in the world beyond this one, is all but gone, and his will is no longer his own. Now, he obeys one: Baelgard - The Demon of Withering. Fitting, for one whose very touch turns flowers to ash, and burns skin worse than any fire could hope to do.
However, when reborn, he discovered that much had passed since his death, but not Melchio. No, the Bane of Basilisk still searched the world for his brother's creator, in the hopes of ending him.
Well, Jeremiah couldn't let that happen, now could he? Alas, his name was no longer Jeremiah. Baelgard, his new master, decided on a much more ironic name. Something that'd haunt him forever for the sins he committed. He would be named after the very thing his father feared.
He would no longer be Jeremiah, Brother Killer.
He'd be Falcon, God Eater.

Relationships: The Immortal Basilisk (Immortal) - The God-Beast who sired Falcon. He dearly wishes to meet his father, hopefully reach him before Melchio can end his life, and ask him why he made him destroy all that he loved. He needs to meet him. One way or another, he's going to talk with his creator, either on good terms, or on bad ones.
The Master, Hunter (Deceased) - The Master of martial arts, Hunter, who was known for being the only man to have faced the Basilisk and lived to tell the tale. He's said to have taken one of its teeth, and blinded it in one eye, all thanks to his blade. Even still, this did not stop him from accepting its child into his dojo, and it did not stop him from being killed by the very child he adopted into his family.
Melchio (Alive) - The only human equal to Falcon in terms of battle prowess along with being his surrogate brother. They have not seen each other since Melchio killed Falcon the first time, and if they ever did meet again, no doubt would he end Falcon's life a second time. He's currently hunting the Basilisk down in order to kill it as revenge for his dead brothers and sisters who fell to its son's ivory fangs.
Baelgard, The Demon of Withering (Immortal Anti-God) - Very little is known about the Anti-God of life, Baelgard, besides his wish to see the whole world and life on it wither away to dust between his fingers. He enjoys swift deaths over tortured ones, and is extremely impatient. He regards the Basilisk as his greatest creation, and his grandson, Falcon, his greatest spawn. And, you can't spell "spawn" without "pawn", which is also how he sees Falcon. Falcon simply sees him as another obstacle stopping him from achieving true salvation and reaching heaven, where he hopes to find and apologize to all those whom he's ever harmed.

Favorite Food: Human flesh. Men. Women. Children. Sick. Healthy. It doesn't matter. As long as it is human.
Favorite Hobby: Hunting down and killing humans... Along with making wine, reading books, and procreating to have more of my species. That last one's by my father's and Baelgard's request.
Favorite Colour: Grey. Red disgusts me. That's why human's disgust me. They bleed red. I bleed black. Or, sometimes, not at all.
Favorite Season: Winter. It's when I died. It's when I'll die again.

Hated Food: Anything non-human. Especially vegetables.
Hated Hobby: Thinking about Melchio, Hunter, and all those I've killed, harmed, or even looked at wrong.
Hated Colour: Anything but grey.
Hated Season: Anything but winter.

"...Can I go now? I want to sleep..."

Yeah. Go rest buddy.

"...Thank you." *fwump!*

Theme Song: "Salvation" - Citizen Cope

- - - - -

And that was Falcon's Humasilisk/KINGDOM form! I'll type up his Poke-counter part, and, trust me, he's MUCH more cheery! Though, not by much.

(( The Falcon Theme Song Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXZaXtYW-Gc&list=PLx-VkLJ9D6OC2_G4Ob9TbAVr1jQvbEk8S&index=1 ))

<3 from da best, Haloh~

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Re: [KINGDOM] "Reborn into this world, left only to destroy what remained." Falcon the Humasilisk OC

Post by Illario on Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:48 pm

gee, this was a much... 'darker' character compared to the usual upbeat pokemon OCs i'm used to reading, most notably being someone like Haloh. obviously that's not a bad thing-- in fact, I enjoy dark themes as much as lighthearted ones like whats bound to happen at the end of Doomsday Chronicles. overall a nice read... maybe I should get to posting my Conquest/Kingdom versions of my characters. mm.


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Re: [KINGDOM] "Reborn into this world, left only to destroy what remained." Falcon the Humasilisk OC

Post by Cave_Hamster Cubone on Thu Jan 14, 2016 2:34 pm

Wow... It looks like you spent so much time on that, we're talking like 52 weeks here. ((Well, that's how long it would take me if i ever tried to write a good OC...)) If you'll excuse me, i have to go take down Smogger's backstory and replace it >_<
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Re: [KINGDOM] "Reborn into this world, left only to destroy what remained." Falcon the Humasilisk OC

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