Lura's OC's that I use ocasionally other than...Lura.

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Lura's OC's that I use ocasionally other than...Lura.

Post by Lura Alkina on Mon Jan 04, 2016 5:16 pm

NAME: Lura Alkina
GENDER: Female
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 5'3"
WEIGHT: "Why do you need to know?"
HOMETOWN: Viridian City, Kanto
LIKES: Napping with her Flygon, Despri /// Laying in the meadow /// A Good challenge /// Flying with Despri /// Her Pokemon /// Electro/Dubstep Music ///
DISLIKES: When Despri acts like a Jerk /// Bad food /// Chansey, Ferrothorn, Clefable, Blissy, Gliscor, Snorlax, all them stallers. ///


Despri – (Flygon) 

Tenebris – (Weavile)

Magamo – (Magmortar)

Herba – (Lilligant)

Aquala – (Kingdra)

Badon – (Mega–Banette)

NORMAL: Lone Digger

BATTLE (Subject to Change) PIXL – Sugar Rush

“I would rather be the hammer than the Anvil”
"You Stupid Ass good for nothing sand lizard!"   –Lura to her Flygon, Despri, who did something Lura hated just to tease her....

Smart, can be a little energetic, Enjoys living on the edge (Will add more later on, probs)

BACKSTORY: (Is split up into parts, in order...) (May add major events later on...)
Meeting Despri:
As a Young girl, Lura had always been interested in the Desert. She loved the openness of the Desert, it's calm atmosphere, the (Usually) smooth, rolling sand dunes, the sand itself. She also loved the fact of a Desert Oasis, a place in such a barren wasteland where life has thrived, making it a symbol of survival and beauty. One day, Lura and her mother took a walk through the meadow in which they lived in, enjoying the beautiful wildflowers in which the trudged through. Herba, the Petilil that belonged to Lura's mother, was playing in the flowers, admiring them and enjoying the bright colors of the plants. Together, the three had walked to Lura's favorite place in the whole of the meadow, a small pond in which the meadow Pokemon came to drink. There, Lura and her mother sat on a small boulder, watching the skies together. It wasn't long before Lura's mother had asked: "You really do enjoy the desert, don't you?"
Thinking that was obvious, the young Lura replied, "Yeah, Mom. You know that, silly!" She said with a giggle.
"Then you're going to enjoy this little gift I have for you." Lura's mother reached over and pulled out a bright red and white pokeball, with a little bow tied on. Eagerly, Lura thanked her mother and took off the bow. Lura threw the ball, calling for whatever Pokemon it was to come out. With a bright flash of white, a small Orange Pokemon appeared, seeming to enjoy itself. "It's a Trapinch. I caught it in the desert while visiting Hoenn, and thought of you. So, I thought that you may want it, seeing how you love the Desert so much." Lura Squealed, and launched herself at the Trapinch, hugging it. The Trapinch seemed to be caught a little off guard at first, but then just surrendered and accepted the hug. Lura then sat on her knees.
"i'm going to name you Despri! And together, we're going to explore the world!" And thus, the young 10 year old Lura was off to start her adventure....

A Heated Encounter:
It's been weeks now, and Lura had yet to capture another pokemon. This was frustrating to a trainer that was just starting off, as well as to her partner, Despri, still a Trapinch, but growing stronger every day. Together, they had fought a Starly, Bidoof, Lotad, Yanma, and a Ghastly, all without a single capture (Someone else came in and snagged them when vulnerable...except the Yanma, we lost that one...). Together, Despri and Lura were exploring Kanto and Johto, seeing if they could catch any Pokemon this time. One day, while lost, Lura and Despri both came upon an old abandoned looking town, black from a fire that raged there long ago. Curious, Lura and Despri explored the town, finding that this was the home to many fire type Pokemon. Excited, they searched until they found a Magby, who seemed to be having fun setting things on fire. Up for the challenge, Lura had Despri use headbutt, knocking the Magby over. The Magby seemed up for the challenge, and retaliated using Ember. A hard battle was fought that day, until Despri and Lura prevailed, ending with the capture of the Magby. At that very moment, Lura had decided upon the name of the feisty little Magby.

Under the Sea:
It's been a long day, hard at work training and training. Despri had finally learned the move Earthquake, and Magamo had grown adapted to both Lura and Despri. They had taken the time off to relax and lay in the meadow, filled with the colors of the Wildflowers, and made even more pretty by the orange evening sky and pink clouds. They had been laying among the grass and flowers for a while before a Wingull had spotted them and dived down. It landed next to Lura, and handed her a letter. The surprised Lura sat there for a moment, before the Wingull squawked at her, waking her from the little zone she was in. Lura opened the letter, to find that it contained an ad to go along a trip in a special submarine that allowed trainers to battle wild water Pokemon who lived below the surface. Taking up the offer, an ecstatic Lura (but not so ecstatic Trapinch and Magby, for obvious reasons) packed up their stuff and walked to the dock, which was just a mile or two from the meadow. Paying at the entrance, Lura and her Pokemon admired the Sea from below, through the windows of the battle submarine. Soon enough, a curious Sharpedo stuck it's head through the entrance in the bottom of the sea craft, only to be met by a trainer's razor leaf. Later on, more water Pokemon would come through, until it was Lura's turn. It was a while before a cute little Horsea popped up. Lura couldn't help but fall in love with the little Pokemon right away, and sent her Magby out to fight it. Magby, though, was soon defeated by a water gun, and Despri too, was also joined the party of Lura's defeated Pokemon. Not wanting to give up such a cute and rare Pokemon in the area, Lura herself jumped into the water to fight the Horsea. And, well, let's just say that some fighting happened, before Lura arose victorious with a captured Horsea.
She named it Aquala.

A New Ghostbuster:
Lura was laying on the bench, sound asleep, under a tarp to protect her from the rain. Her last tent was destroyed in a battle, and she didn't have enough money to get another one currently, so she did this. Her Pokemon were a bit lucky though, having pokeballs to hide from the rain in. Either way, she was sound asleep when a flash of lightning startled her awake. She picked up the tarp a little bit and peeked out from under it, seeing an old building not far away. Thinking she could possibly find something to sleep under other than a tarp, Lura ran to the building with the tarp over her head, and knocked on the door. After three of four knocks, Lura found no one to be home, so she opened the door and walked in. It didn't take long before Lura found herself creeped out by the place, and turned to exit when the door swung shut. Lura thought it was just the wind, which convinced her that it was terrible outside. Deciding to stay inside, Lura looked around some more, then decided to explore the place. It wasn't long before she found a nice bed with warm blankets. She moved to lay on the bed when she fell through the so called bed, and through the floor. Landing on her bum, she cursed the weak floor above her before looking around to find an old doll sitting in the corner. Thinking it was a little cute, Lura got up and walked over before she thought she saw it shake. Confused, Lura took another step before it seemed like a blue steam rose from the doll. Now officially scared, she let out Magamo to help her out. If the Feisty Magby was scared, he didn't show it. Soon, the blue steam formed to reveal a Shuppet, ready to fight the intruder. Deciding to take up on the Ghost's challenge, Lura had Magby use Ember, missing the Shuppet. The Shuppet used Shadow Ball, weakening a wooden beam. It wasn't long before the Shuppet had fallen to the floor, exhausted from battle. Taking this time, Lura captured the Pokemon, congratulating Magamo for it's fight.
Lura named the Shuppet Badon.

A Happy Start, a Sad End, A Scar and a Friend.:
It's been months now. Lura was now 11, and all but Shuppet had evolved so far, giving her the powers of a Vibrava, Magmar, and Seadra. Lura and her Pokemon had just won a small tournament, winning some money and earning the Badge of the Tournament, when a Wingull swept down and landed in from of Lura, giving her a letter. Lura picked it up, and read the front, saying it was for her. The Wingull squawked and startled at her, and Lura opened the letter, cursing the Wingull and wanting to capture and sell it. That all went away, though, when she read about her Mother's Ordeal. Turned out, Lura's mother was terribly sick, and she wanted to meet with Lura before she died, and Lura wanted to fulfill her wish. Taking a plane, Lura managed to make it to her Mother's in time. She threw the door open, with Despri, now a Vibrava, by her side, and rushed to her mother. Next to Her was Herba, who had evolved into a Lilligant while she was gone. Her Mother turned and looked at Lura happily, and together they had a talk about all they had been through together, and what each other may have missed. Finally, near the end of their conversation, Lura's mother said weakly: "Take care..of...Herba for me...please....."
"O-Of course, mom! Of course I'll watch over her for you...." Lura tried to hold back her tears as her mother let out a small smile, then closed her eyes for the last time, saying her final words...
"You're a good little girl...."

Ice Ice, Baby:
Lura was residing in a nice, warm lodge up in the mountains, where people loved to ski and sleigh. Lura, on the other hand, and been mourning over the death of her mother two months ago. Her Pokemon had hated seeing her like this, and had tried every day something different to cheer her up, without any success. Lura was slumped on the bench, Despri asleep by her side, when she overheard a bounty for a Pokemon that was causing trouble at the Ski resort. Interested, Lura leaned over the side of the bench and listened in on the conversation:
"...we need to capture it before it causes any more trouble!"
"Yeah, but is anyone involved?"
"Doesn't seem like it, just a wild Pokemon on the loose. They even put a bounty on whoever catches it and brings it to the staff..."
"Well? What Pokemon is it?"
"I think it's a Sneasel"
"Bless you."
"No, you idiot. I mean the Pokemon, Sneasel."
"You can catch a sneeze?"
"sigh Just keep an eye out for any Pokemon causing trouble. That shouldn't be too hard, even for you..."
Now Lura was interested. She had seemed to have gotten over her mother's death quickly, and shook Despri awake. Together, they went out in the snow, with Magamo giving heat with ember, in search of the Sneasel. After a few cold and freezing hours later, they managed to find the Sneasel attacking a power line to the Ski resort. Using Flamethrower, Magamo scared the Sneasel away form the power line, and a fight ensued. It wasn't long before the Sneasel was captured, and Lura was heading back to the resort to give the staff the Pokemon, and her the reward money. In the middle of the trade, Lura took another look at the Pookeball containing the Sneasel, and gave the staff members back their money. When they asked why, Lura looked at the staff and said, "I've always thought Ice Types were kind of cool...
And thus, Tenebris joined the team.
Some people may know a little bit about Clove from when I RP as him during FR, but I'm currently planning on giving him his own story, including backstory. Expect to see some notes and a rough draft or two pop up from time to time. I just hope it isn't terrible...

NAME: Abner H. Clove (Professor Clove)
AGE: 31
HEIGHT: 6'2"
WEIGHT: 185 lbs
APPEARANCE: Wears a white lab coat that reaches down to knees when still. Black T-Shirt under lab coat. Dark Blue Jeans. Black Shoes. Short, blonde hair. Brown eyes. Thin frame glasses.
ALLIES: None Currently
ENEMIES: Silver Ethereal, whoever gets in the way.

GOAL: To Achieve Permanent Enhanced Mega Evolution... And possibly more. (For those who can't mega evolve, he just tries to buff them up a bit as if they had a Mega form.)

MEANS: Capturing and Testing on Shiny Pokemon, as their unique Genetic build (which gave them a different color,) is easier to manipulate and experiment on. Once he has perfected the experiments on the Shiny Pokemon, then move on to the more difficult genetic build of normal Pokemon from the testing of the shiny Pokemon.

REASON: (A W.I.P. Will post when it's finished)

TEAM: (Warning, all Shinies due to his policy...)

Project "Frost" – Mega Abamasnow (First Successful Experiment)

Project "Folium" – Serperior.

Project "Vulkaan" – Magmortar

Project "Flash" – Heliolisk

Project "Umbra" – Gengar

Project "Tenebrosa"— Crawdaunt

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Re: Lura's OC's that I use ocasionally other than...Lura.

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