Total Drama Island-Currently open. In need of participants.

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Re: Total Drama Island-Currently open. In need of participants.

Post by TheLimeFilms on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:55 pm

Name: Lime

Age: 14 1/2

Gender: Male

Species: Milotic, wears a Choice Scarf as, well a scarf, and wears Ruby/Brendan's Hat

Personality: A semi nice Pokemon that gets angry really easily, sometimes naive, really smart, always tries to do his best, has a grudge against Grovyles and Sceptiles, has a super weird fear of boiling pots and hates loud noises.

Biography: Used to be a happy, cheery Feebas until a pack of punk Grovyles came up and put him in a boiling pot, luckily the Grovyles were quiet natured and put Blue Pokeblocks in with him he ate them all and evolved smashing the pot and spraying water all over them scaring them into running away. All Treecko, Grovyle and Sceptile familys hated him since.

Fears: Death, Lime is scared of dying and will do whatever he can not to die, Treecko, Grovyle and Sceptiles and boiling pots.

Likes: Food, Microwaves, Pokeblocks, Friends, Mudkipz and Swimming.

Dislikes: Again, Treeckos, Grovyles, Sceptiles, Boiling pots, Evil and Loud Noises.

Other: Can dig. ._.

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Re: Total Drama Island-Currently open. In need of participants.

Post by Kevinselvan on Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:54 am

Name: Glace

Age: 18

Gender: Male..

Species: He is a glaceon..with a explorer's bag..and a hat;) Oh and of course the zard amulet..

Never ever has the world seen a happy go lucky...and yet careless glaceon...after ice type has a lot of weakness..
He can be you're best friend..but you'd have to suffer his long tales and a lot of explorer things....
He isn't the sort of guy who says "Hey there lets be friends..."
he's more like "Can you help me?"
Oh and follow at your own risk..cause he's risky

Glaceus Eevesion.. had a knack for traveling...
his father was an flareon and mother was a vaporeon...
They had always said....don't travel much or you may evolve into something that's not desirable
But he loved he went off to the corners of the world...and found the stone..that shiny ice thing..that made him a glaceon....
He wasn't sure but he thought it was destiny.that he should be an explorer...
He enrolled in the guild...of explorers...and his first task was not great..second task was not great.....
But one task...was to recover the Zard amulet...
The amulet was in the middle of the forest doing he took it...
And he is...he doesn't know what the amulet does... but he takes risks

Fears: Losing his hat,Losing his bag, death, Arachnid pokemon,

Likes: Exploring,Travel,Himself,Zard

Dislikes: Other eevelutions, arachnid pokemon,bugtypes,

Other: sincere word to the host to give something troublesome for the amulet..thank you

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Re: Total Drama Island-Currently open. In need of participants.

Post by Shad_the_Haunter on Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:50 pm

Name: Bubble

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Azumarill

Personality: Basically, Bubbles is a Quiet, Book Worm.

Biography: Bubbles loved to make friends and play with stuff. she got a rare illness only caught by the Azurill evolution line, making her tail smaller. She got rid of that disease when she was 13. Her tail is the average size of a Azumarill's tail now. Her dad died when she was 5, that's why she is so quiet.

Fears: Grass types, getting yelled at, and death

Likes: Food (who else doesn't like food.), Water, and Quietness

Dislikes: Talking, Loudness, and Being called: Bubbly

Other: Her move-set is: Water Gun, Bounce, Bubble Beam, and Ice Beam

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Re: Total Drama Island-Currently open. In need of participants.

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