Icarus the Zorua (Hoping I did this right)

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Icarus the Zorua (Hoping I did this right)

Post by IcarusB on Sat Jan 30, 2016 10:48 am

Name: Icarus
Species: Zorua

Gender: Agender (they, them) (not going to police this, feel free to refer to me/them in any way you feel comfortable)

Personality: Despite an ability to appear and sound like anyone they have meant, Icarus is quite shy. They are easily frightened and try to stay quiet at all times. On the rare occasion they do speak, they usually say something rather brilliant or, at the very least, surprising. They love to play devil's advocate when given the chance. They believe in justice and stopping wrongdoers, but a tendency towards cracking under pressure makes them rather unpredictable.

Quick background: Icarus grew up in a hidden village of Zoroarks and Zorua. At a young age, they saw a horrific attack on their village by a monstrous creature. Icarus was scarred forever and thusly grew up to be very shy. 2 years ago, at the age of 12, the constant bullying Icarus received from their piers resulted in a bit of a breakdown, which ended in him taking on the form of the monster that had attacked the village so long ago. The destruction caused before they were subdued would not be forgiven, and the village elders, their own parents, had no choice but to exile them. The village crest was removed from them, and they were branded with the symbol of the wanderer in their right eye.

Friends: None (hopefully subject to change)
Family: None (as far as Icarus is concerned)

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