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OC Biographies

Post by DarkClaw(weavile) on Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:23 am

Um, hey people. Haven't posted on the forums, or been in the room in a while. Getting more active though. Anyways, the point of this post is to say, well.
I know everybody can't write, many people are gifted at many different things. While people may have the ideas in their heads, it may be hard to get it on the page. And I also know that the RP room nowadays is full of new, fresh minds that are willing to RP, but don't know how.
So here's the jam: I'll make a Bio for your OC.
Just post on this thread name, picture/any other important details (perhaps a basic overview of a backstory), but you can choose how much ever you'd like to post. This service is completely free, and I can have your fancy bio with all the juicy writing and stuff done within the week.
Basically what I'm trying to do with this is provide a free guideline to those aspiring RP'ers, and instead of criticising them, is to help them become more attuned with their OC's and personalities, so their RP experience becomes better.
Just one rule. I WILL NOT DO LEGEND BIOS. <- as they require a submission and are a testament of your skill.
If you need advice however, feel free to ask. That's all, it's completely free and stuff, just use it if I make you one, as I will put in effort for it.
That's all.
NOTE: Just moved this here because I thought it'd be more relavant to this section.


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