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List of Official Roleplays Empty List of Official Roleplays

Post by Skitty on Sat Feb 20, 2016 2:13 am

We have compiled a list of all of the official roleplays for all users to read and to reference to.

List of Official Roleplays

Conquest (Document)
Conquest is a roleplay where there are 18 kingdoms, each based off of one Pokemon type (Dark, Psychic etc). The host will call out these types and if you wish to own that type, you will private message them that you wish to have it. Once Conquest starts, you will need to create a team based on that kingdom's typing and attempt to win other kingdom's by defeating them in battle. So if you have the Psychic kingdom, you may only have Psychic-type Pokemon on your team. You may also utilize knights (a max of 2) who will fight anyone who attempts to steal your kingdom for themselves.

Dungeons and Dragonites (Document)
Dungeons and Dragonites (or other D-named pokemon such as Druddigon or Deerling), also known as 'DnD', is a roleplay based on completing a storyline through the use of turn-based battles. DnD is mostly up to the host as it may emulate the actual board DnD games, or be something that merely utilizes the turn-based battles in its own way.

The mechanics are usually one of the two, though it may incorporate a mixture:


The stat-based system is one which gives the player a certain number of starting stats (such as 10 or as much as 50) in order to allow them to build their character as they deem fit. The stats used vary between DnD styles, but are typically: Physical Attack, Special Attack, Health, Agility. The player may be awarded more stat points upon level-up, or be condemned to stay with their choice for the rest of the roleplay.


The Class-based system is one that is easier to use in a sense. The player is given a list of classes they may choose from, including a set moveset which they use throughout the roleplay. They may be given the option of changing classes or evolving the class as they go along.

Freeroam is an RP in which you have the capacity to craft your own stories. In this RP, there is no host, which gives the users free reign over the world as long as it stays within the rules (No godmodding, religious imagery, outside fandoms, gore, etc.) to create their own adventures and plots. There are  a few variations on the general Freeroam RP, as seen below:

Cruise (Document)
Cruise is a freeform RP in which the action takes place entirely on a cruise of some description. Let your imagination run wild within the limits of a boat. Go swimming! Play shuffleboard! Explore the stores and cafeterias! The possibilities are endless.

Kingdom (Document)
Kingdom is a structured freeform RP with a host and a document displaying information on a world and the kinds of abilities any given OC may choose. This RP is almost always hosted in a medieval setting, however this is not always the case, nor does it have to be.

Good vs Evil (Document)
Good vs Evil consists of two sides, Good and Evil. There is one leader for each side, and they are the only Pokemon in the roleplay who may be of Uber tier, legendaries (no uber legendaries), or mega-evolve. Each side will contain warriors who will attempt to overtake the opposing side by killing off the other team's warriors. Whoever can kill the leader twice and all of their warriors first, wins.

Murder Mystery (Document)
MM, short for Murder Mystery, is an RP which involves tactics and intelligence. There’s murderers, detectives, and innocents. It’s up to the innocents and detectives to figure out who the few killers are, before they all die. Should all the innocents die, the killers win, and vice versa.

An innocent will die by the killer’s choice when the host calls for them. The host will then describe the innocent’s body. For example;
“The Slowbro had collapsed to the ground, multiple green pins were implanted in his body. And his pale pink skin was now a ghostly white.”
The move here was obviously one of the draining moves from the grass type roster. However, don’t expect the descriptions to be so vivid in a regular MM, unless of course the host decides to do so. How a host describes a move is entirely up to them, so be wary.

After the move has been described, the host or co-host will usually give you the link to a strawpoll. The strawpoll will contain the names of every participant in the MM besides those who had previously died. It is up to you to vote who you think killed the innocent based on move pools, attitude, and reactions.

Pokehigh (Document)
Pokehigh is a roleplay where participants are sent to a school based on a normal high school. Of course, there can be many variations to this high school. It may look different, have different classes and teachers. The host usually has volunteers as the teachers for classes, and classes last for x amount of minutes before moving on to the next class.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Document)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is essentially like the game franchise, you are thrown into a new world inhabited by Pokemon on a scale never seen before. Difficult dungeons and bosses await you and your newly acquired teammates. You usually start out as either a LC (Little Cup) Pokemon, or a Pokemon that can not evolve (such as Volbeat), and evolve when the host says you may.

Trainer (Document)
Trainer is a roleplay that is centered around user-created regions that can create vast new worlds and experiences. You'll be taken on a journey throughout the region by fighting criminal orginizations, gym leaders, and even special user-made events. Usually hosts will decide which Pokemon will appear on a certain route, and you may only catch one Pokemon per route, unless stated otherwise!

Note: Custom roleplays are only confined to the roleplaying room and global rules. Refer to the specific document when a custom RP is being hosted or nominated for information on the RP.
Note: New official RPs may added to this list at any point in time. You can message any staff member if you have any questions about this list or the workings of a specific RP.
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