The Noivern with courage ~ Sorai the Noivern! (You know you love her)

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The Noivern with courage ~ Sorai the Noivern! (You know you love her)

Post by Sorai the Noivern on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:26 am

Name: Sorai
Gender: FEMALE (Everyone gets this wrong, and calls me a guy.  Evil or Very Mad)

Personality: Sorai is an arrogant, cocky, and all around hot-headed person, who has quick wits. She usually refuses help from others, despite the severity of some of the injuries she receives, and has gone as far as near death without excepting help before. Despite this, Sorai is extremely loyal, and would rather die than betray those she cares about. Naturally, this has gotten her into some tough situations where both sides are her friends. She can become extremely manipulative at times, and also become under the influence of the spirits that infest her, whether this be good or bad (mostly bad). Speaking of the spirits, as is know as of now, Sorai has 2 spirits that dwell inside of her. One, named Evi, is basically Sorai's demon version. When Evi is in control, she gains a slight boost in speed and strength. Evi will often try to manipulate others into thinking she's better than she really is. However, this demon never learns, as she never has to suffer the consequences of her actions. However, Sorai does. The 2's minds are linked, which means if Evi dies, then Sorai dies along with her. However, Sorai has been influenced into some horrible deeds by Evi before, including going on a murder rampage. Evi is extremely hot-headed, even more so than Sorai. No one is safe in the path of this monster, as it will kill everything and everyone. She has red eyes. Next up, Nerv. Nerv is the geek inside Sorai, as well as nervousness and fear. Nerv is a pacifist, and will not attack others, unless in self-defense, or a sudden burst of violence. She cannot see as well as the other 2 can, and wears glasses. She enjoys reading, and quiet, nerdy activity that Sorai enjoys. She often makes an adorable "meep" sound when scared. She had yellow eyes.

Backstory: Alright, grab your popcorn. This is gonna be LONG.

There is not much known about Sorai's past, as Sorai does not remember any of it, almost as if she has amnesia. What we do know, however, is that she was a test subject, and used to be human. The first successful human experiment, a human turned into a pokemon. This is known due to her right shoulder, which has a faded out tattoo branded into her skin, which reads "Test Subject #37". We also know that she had murdered her parents in cold blood, although the reasons as to why she did this are unknown as of now. The experiment was not as successful as thought, as this is where Nerv and Evi (described in Personality section) come in. These 2 came from the emotions of the children in the experiment that did not make it. Not much is known about her past after this point however. Present day. A couple days after Sorai evolved, she was trcked into becoming a part-robot, part-pokemon nightmare, essentially a cyborg. Except, she could still feel emotions, and life carried on as normal. Sorai also seems to have a dark past as a Noibat, in which she used to be a trainers pokemon, and was abused in forms of torture, starvation, and being sent out into battle against pokemon that could obviously defeat her. She nearly died, before being abandoned in a Tiaga, and left to die. She somehow managed to survive, but gained an intense vulnerability and fear to Ice, in which she will run if any Ice type comes near her, friend or not. Sorai tries to ignore the fact that she is human, and tries to convince herself that she isnt human....but she can never manage it. You will often find this Noivern sleeping in a tree or next to the lake, or stalking people from the treetops, using her camouflage to blend in with the darkness of the trees. This battle ready Noivern also comes equipped with a knife in a sheath on her right side, although at this time it is unknown as to how she recieved it...

Brief Description: A Noivern wearing A light purple bandana, with sapphire blue eyes, and silver scales on her ears and wings. Has a sheathed knife on her right side, and a satchel that she constantly wears, filled with medical supplies, books, and 2 pairs of glasses.

Wow, that was extremely long...well, thanks for reading  cat rate please?
Sorai the Noivern

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