List of characters I have... (will be updating every now and then)

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List of characters I have... (will be updating every now and then)

Post by Yujo on Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:16 am

I need to keep track of them.
So, I'll dump their bodies names onto here.

Eventually, they will all have documents.

❖ Kamon Cephas (AKA: Yujo), an aspiring artist who is bound to a twisted fate
❖ Ambyr Cephas, mother of Kamon, who had disappeared many years ago
❖ Jewel Cephas (2nd generation Rock Queen (Conquest era))
❖ Terra Cephas (1st generation Rock Queen (Conquest era))
❖ Kamanali Flores, a beautiful islander who wishes to explore the world
❖ Estella Vega, Kamon's parental guardian; a woman who controls the Vega Mafia in Lumiose City (Kalos)
❖ Boyd Lombardi, Class A hit-man who has a soft spot for ice-cream; aids Kamon every now and then, if not rarely

Mutants, hybrids, vampires (lol)
❖ [REDACTED] (Alias: Four), the immortal Flare Rebel* Admin, sibling of Souffrance, Emma, and Temptation*
*A Neo-Flare group originally created by Vent Vanitas
*All three characters belong to Psychoreality

Pokemon, gijinka, humanoids (not specified)
❖ Ceres Libera, formally known as Xerneas; not much is known about it yet... [deceased]
❖ Orion, an immortal shiny Aegislash who is aimless, though he has become fond of someone he now calls his best friend
❖ Nurae, a purple-furred Delphox who lives and takes care of the Winding Woods (Kalos)
❖ Ravio, a nomadic shiny Roserade that travels with twin Roselia sisters, performing all around the world
❖ Lunarre, a cannibalistic, indigo-colored Zoroark whom enjoys feasting on Ghost and Psychic-types
❖ Flo'phi, a pink-hued Lopunny with a set of rosy metallic legs; she had lost them during a battle against a Rampardos
❖ Luka, a timid Glaceon that guards the snow-covered meadows of the Winding Woods (Kalos)
❖ Lua, an energetic Leafeon, twin sibling of Luka, who takes care of the grassy fields of the Winding Woods (Kalos)
❖ Chrome, a nomadic Empoleon who can be quite the gentleman, and travels frequently; he has an eye for the arts, as well
❖ Geb Flora, a mute Cradily who has lived for over two millenniums, having served the Cephas ancestry throughout that time
❖ Shu Gale, an Aerodactyl that has also served the Cephas ancestry, the closest friend of Geb; it is known to be a hasty creature
❖ Hathor, a Rhyperior with a bad temper; it only calms down when Kamon commands it to
❖ Ammut, a carnivorous Tyrantrum who will not hesitate to consume wrongdoers (that is, if permission is granted)
❖ Martyr, a cynical Zoroark who is much too attached to its Choice Specs (GvE)
❖ Fiasco, a sly and shiny Liepard, known to be quite the Prankster (hah)

I'm tired, so I'll add more later.

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Re: List of characters I have... (will be updating every now and then)

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:06 am

Might want to fix that?


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