"What's the matter? Don't trust me?" - Chut the Kingler

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"What's the matter? Don't trust me?" - Chut the Kingler

Post by Cave_Hamster Cubone on Sun May 01, 2016 6:19 am

Name : Chut
Pronunciation : Chuh - t
Meaning : Hot tempered (Or crabby, if you will)
Age : 35
Species : Kingler
Personality :
"Don't trust me? You'll see why in a second."
He is very sensitive towards certain things (like trust issues), but has the hardest iron skin towards things like petty insults. He is also quite aggressive if you do the slightest thing to annoy him. He is very proud and protective of his dignity, which doesn't help towards his short temperament. Despite that however, this doesn't stop him from hunting - and eating - baby Staryu. However, he eats a lot of things, but he seems to hunt only Strayu and Starmie. He is also quite the hoarder, storing lots of Staryu's line's gems in a bag held by his third hand. And he hardly does his hunting with noble fights, he just jumps out and attempts to kill them with a single blow. This is a different matter entirely with members of his own kind, and any type other than water or bug. He challenges them to a noble battle, which is backed up by his knowledge that he has the most powerful blow out of all of his species, and the fact that he knows Kingler are stronger than any other water type.
History :
I'd rather not talk about it, scum.
Looks :When he is standing still, you can see his features more clearly. He had many small scars up his pincers, and the left had a scar from the top to the bottom of the pincer head. His fangs were reaching up to his eyes, and they were jagged. Rather mancing. His legs were quite long, lifting him off the floor by a fair amount. He was probably two times the height of normal Kingler due to this. But by far the thing that catches your attention the most, was the third arm on his back. This one had no scars, but a couple of blood stains around the middle. Unlike other Kingler, his front two arms were both the same size. Neither one is massive, and neither one is tiny. The one on his back, however, has a really long arm, and can therefore strike out quicker, and with longer range, than the front two. It is also at least twice the size of the front two, so it gets the best of both worlds.
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