The Thief of Justice - Sabre (OC Rework, Needs Polishing)

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The Thief of Justice - Sabre (OC Rework, Needs Polishing)

Post by Sabre on Sat May 07, 2016 12:37 am

Name: Sabre, of pack Brimcloud. Therefore, his full name is Sabre Brimcloud.
Species: Manectric
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years
Alignment True Neutral
Appearance/Equipment: Sabre is most often wearing a baseball cap colored red and blue. His left eye is covered by an emerald scanning device and also is streaked by a long scar. He has protruding, knife-like teeth that owe him the name Sabre. His left leg is covered by old burn wounds colored dark brown with a hint of red. His other legs are completely replaced by metallic replacements.

Lightning Coat - Sabre is covered by a coat of pure electricity, which can shock people or Pokemon who try to touch his fur. However, since Sabre has complete mastery of his electricity, he can weaken the effects of the electrical coat. This is a decent defense in battle. Its appearance is a light blue aura.
Psionic Strike - Sabre's psychic abilities inherited from his father allow him to combine certain moves with a lightning blast for alternate effects. These are most often used by Sabre when he is investigating places, or in battle.
Cryonic Strike - Lightning is combined with Hidden Power Ice to form a freezing jolt of electricity.
Pyronic Strike - Lightning is combined with Flamethrower to form a potent bolt of lightning reinforced by flames.
Enhanced Strike - Lightning is enhanced with Volt Switch to create a combination of a bolt of lightning and a quick dash from Sabre. The most powerful variant of Psionic Strike.
Augmented Speed - Sabre's metallic leg replacements are fitted with efficient technology to allow him quick travel to places. However, this ability is taxing and will only be used for quick travel, obviously.
Charged Bite - Sabre can charge his canines with electrical energy, allowing him to bite things with more force than usual. Note that this ability is similar to Thunder Fang, except that it can be charged in the same way as Psionic Strike. The Cryonic variant of this is used by Sabre to safely transport objects he has "stolen".
Psychic Destruction - Sabre unleashes the most powerful psychic blast he can muster, which is virtually a combination of all Psionic Strikes. This ability completely drains him of energy and causes him to faint. As such, he only uses it in battles to finish an opponent. Also, he can only use the ability once a day.

Sabre was born to a female Manectric and a male Espeon. A unity in this form was relatively unseen in the Brimcloud pack - two packs of Pokemon sending one of their members to marry one of the other packs' members who was a completely different Pokemon. The Brimcloud pack of Manectric were initially disapproving of this bond, but abandoned their dislike after hunting rewards were shared between the packs. Since his mother was a Manectric and he was born as an Electrike, Sabre was seen as a member of the Brimcloud pack. Sabre's childhood mainly consisted of training with his father: his father noticed that Sabre inherited his psychic powers and tried teaching Sabre how to use them. Early teaching was rough but gradually got better and Sabre could eventually fully use what psychic powers he did inherit, which were psionic, or psychic powers which can be used to create "spells". He often battled other Electrike in the pack and usually won when their resistance to his psychic abilities was weak. As a result of his battles, he evolved into a Manectric early at age 10 and was established as a consult to the pack leader.

Shortly after this the pack would be plunged into chaos. The Brimcloud's prized possession was a Zap Plate, an ancient stone with a carving of the events of the past which signified the legitimacy of the pack's leader. The pack of Eevee's evolutions betrayed the Brimcloud pack after multiple unfair hunting returns and attacked many of the pack's members, nearly killing them. The Brimcloud leader was attacked and forced to hand over the Zap Plate. Sabre happened to see this. He was hiding from the other pack's army and observed firsthand the thievery of the Zap Plate. He knew the Zap Plate signified the leader of the pack, and that the pack would be devastated if there was no claim to power. He formed a clear message to himself in his mind - he would not allow sacred artifacts to be stolen by the wrong hands; he decided he would have to take them himself for protection.

This wild idea encouraged Sabre to go live somewhere else - there were no more artifacts in his home to protect, and trying to retake the Zap Plate would mean certain death. He found his parents in hiding and encouraged them to leave the pack and live somewhere else, like he was going to do. They reluctantly agreed, seeing how a lack of a claim to power would cause many different Manectric to try and claim power as the previous leader would be shamed for handing over the Plate. Sabre dashed off, away from the pack he once called home.

Sabre searched for a place to settle down for about a week before stumbling upon the large city known as Jewelheart. Fascinated by its elaborate design, Sabre entered the city, hoping to find a place to call home. There, Sabre learned about a local guild, a group of exploration teams that seek to explore ruins and such for rare materials. Sabre's heart raced: this would be his opportunity to fulfill his goal of recovering artifacts of possible importance. He located the guild and signed up. He was placed in an exploration team with a Totodile and Riolu, and his first adventure to a ruin not far from Jewelheart, given as a test, saw his recovery of a medallion called the Thunder Medallion, a treasure Sabre still admires to this day.

Sabre continued doing exploration missions with his exploration team for 6 years. During this time, he ascended the ranks of the guilds and became a member of the guild's council, a position he compared to the council of the pack. Sabre felt right at home, but early in his council work he was forced to part with his former exploration team, now composed of Feraligatr and Lucario, as they graduated the guild. Sabre mourned the figurative loss of his friends, but two other members of the council, a Houndoom and a Mightyena, decided to befriend Sabre. He found good companionship in these two Pokemon and formed a new exploration team with them.

About 3 years later, Sabre went on an exploration trip with the Houndoom and Mightyena into a small area of the local forest. An unusually powerful storm lingered in the area, soon unleashing lightning in its wake. His exploration mates quickly left, but Sabre assumed his ability to draw lightning would serve him to not be affected by the lightning. However, he was wrong. The small area of the forest was lit ablaze by lightning, and Sabre failed to react in time and his legs were burnt, crippling him and forcing him to look death in the eyes. Fearing more than he had in his entire life, Sabre resorted to attempting to close out the fire. Sabre released a huge blast of psionic power, enough to break several trees and to dissipate the fire, including the one that had caught his legs on fire.

He awoke in the guild, on a medical table surrounded by several Chansey and a pleasant-looking human. The human got him on his feet and showed what he had looked like now. A very severe burn wound covered his left leg, and his other legs would be replaced by metallic replicas. Sabre realized that more carelessness would cost him his life, and he resigned from the council and the guild, choosing to act independently of the guild while still being connected to it. He decided that if he was going to protect himself and others he would have to live in isolation from the world. He chose a mountain he had stored his treasures in to live in, and decided to complete his quest to retrieve ancient artifacts to content his need for adventure after leaving the guild.

Witty - Sabre's sense of optimism usually stems from his invention of clever humor, often negative towards others since he is so experienced with being above everybody else
Valiant - Sabre is usually the kind of individual to act when no one else can.
Mature - Sabre's journeys and experiences lead him to have a mature mind.

And that's it! I mainly made this so I could clarify to myself exactly what Sabre's character is since my previous assessment of his character was unpolished and needed work. However, this also needs a bit of work and I'm ready to hear your feedback! I am excited to test out this "rework" in a RP setting.


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