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edge explanation part 2 yo playas gotta tell u why bein' edgy is bad word to yo momma playa knaw meen bruh you knaw meen my playa from another slayer
gonna split why its bad into a few parts like all of my threads, so uh yeah, also don't forget to like and subscribe.

1. there's being a badass, then there's being a piece of shit
well there's a point where you are a badass and then there's a point where you are a showy piece of shit, unfit to live on this planet, deserving a scorched death on the damn surface of the sun. being badass doesn't mean you hurt innocents, it makes you look extremely insecure and just trying to kill others for show, being badass can also mean being able to do things with some type of confidence that no one else really has, let it be making a stew or saving something idk you imagine on this one, being badass isn't only limited to causing harm. also being badass doesn't mean being so overconfident that there's an awfully inflated sense of pride, it doesn't make you look like a badass, instead it makes you look like an asshat.

2. well a bit of a recap to my other post and the fact that the badass doesn't just make it by completing this task easily
as i said a flat character can succeed easily with no trouble or harm caused to them, this is completely fine with appropriate moderation, it isn't ok if this happens every time. there is a sense of "fuck dude my man made it with hard work and determination!!!!!!!!!" that's a nicer feeling than just allowing your character to succeed with every fucking thing. also lets just say ur edgy character fights someone clearly hella stronger than they are, and if your character still fucking wins or makes the most bullshit excuse to excuse themselves from not winning, then as I said in my previous post, your character ends up flat, predictable, and boring.

3. the main meanie of the big meanies, CLICHE
god damn dude i was itching for this one, cliche is good when it is done right, shame it isn't lol........................................................................ <------- speak of the devil, ellipsis are the bane of my existence, you don't sound more cool by pausing in your sentences, you seem more like you are incapable of common knowledge of language skills, so you have to pause to think of each simple word you spit out, ellipses were intended to be a pause in a sentence, not to have a free ticket to be dark and mysterious. i should really cover something that isn't too common but can be a bigger possibility as time goes on, those edgy weapons. as i said in a previous post, katanas are bad and very unconventional weapons, i was misinformed and ignorant in a way, yes a katana isn't conventional outside of asia, asian weapons weren't to be expected to be strong enough to slice through heavy armored targets, so of course they won't really be able to do much in the situation, but if they were to be used for lighter armored targets which was very common in asia, so katana did its job, but against anyone who has decent defense against it, the katana would be useless, in comparison to most western civilization weapons, the katana wouldn't be superior, but the weapon isn't useless. a real unconventional weapon is a war scythe, "hehe xd its big so its good" the scythe's huge size does lower it's effectiveness, making it not do too well against anyone who has simple reflexes, because the only people who could actually swing scythes were people who are buff and can handle a heavy ass gardening tool weapon. done with the little weapon exposition there lets talk about... well uh i guess something that is more common during peak hours, fuckin rebels dude. i have tons of biases but i have a huge bias for this warmonger trope, being rebellious doesn't make you cool at all, it makes you seem like a misunderstood teenager in one of their little moods, being rebellious should have an actual reason, if these so-called rule makers or some shit hasn't affected anyone negatively then what is the reason for rebellion. oh yeah and lastly, demons n stuff lol, why do u have a demon, i won't lie it makes you look like you are on the edge, but you do appear as TOO EDGY, SHADOW EDGEHOG STYLE XXXXXXXEDGEMASTERXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX you will be ignored like that, in my opinion you don't need to force a demon to look cooler or anything, demons can be done well because it isn't really that hard, just say you have a dark side and if you can incorporate it well into the plot and not fuck it up with a forced romance plot, then be my guest lol

concluding this being too edgy has consequences and there are ways to avoid this, by not being too edgy lol
1. don't be an asshat
2. don't be predictable, nothing that is predictable is cool or exciting
3. do a cliche right please
4. make sure u avoid ......................... like the plague
also guess what my next thread will be a clue is in there somewhere Smile)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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