Millie the Ivysaur

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Millie the Ivysaur

Post by fluffytorchics on Sun Jul 03, 2016 2:28 am

Millie Prima

Species: Average Ivysaur, no real mutations or anything special!

Age: She'd be somewhere in her early teens


- Sleep powder
- Stun spore
- Poison powder
- Protect

She isn't really a fighter, and her trainer equipped her with these moves so that if she ever did come into trouble she could easily escape

Item?: Sitrus berry


A rather haughty and outspoken character, Millie considers herself to be a perfect and pure being, an opinion that is reinforced by her loving trainer. She's confident in her abilities and also in the abilities in others, making her a fantastic cheerleader and motivator. She likes to have fun and despises pokemon who simply cannot take a joke. To strangers she seems like a very cold individual, she doesn't like to be touched or pet, and sometimes she doesn't even like to be looked at by random mon's and peeps! She does however have a soft spot for her friends, who she considers family. She's never to tough to snuggle up to her trainer or accept tummy rubs or treats.

She has the skills of a natural born leader, and is amazing at organisation. However, most the time she only rules through fear and intimidation. She thinks that she deserves to be respected without doing anything to make others respect her.


She's a rather chubby and plump Ivysaur, her skin is soft and moist and perfectly healthy for her kind. Her leaves are strong and won't be torn easily, as well as her bulb. She's got strong fangs and claws, and is basically in perfect shape for a Ivysaur, despite being a little chubby. She wears a little pink bow on the top of her head.


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