High School Roam~ Returns~ [Ready to be Approved]

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High School Roam~ Returns~ [Ready to be Approved] Empty High School Roam~ Returns~ [Ready to be Approved]

Post by Kazz on Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:05 pm

Host/GM: Kazz of Wings
Description of RP:
High School Roam, is well.. Pokemon University (without pokemon, and anime-like humans replacing them) mixed with Dungeons and Dragonites. You choose a base class, along the way you’ll find subclasses to power them up. What’s the catch? You have to go to High School Very Happy The classes are straight-forward MMO classes. Some increase stats, like intelligence, others are for battle simulation, etc. There are also the main subjects you would see in school that have a minigame allocated with them.

Out of class, you travel in your little city and find discoveries + monsters. Of course, you’re in a group of friends. Have fun!
Anyways, sometimes classes will have breaking news reports of monsters disturbing the country. That's when you use your newly-trained stats to defeat them. It'll get harder over time, until the good side wins-- Assuming you're on the good side.

Also, on the weekend you can go to the mall to buy equipment, try the simulator out, and even get a part-time job for money! This feature has been deemed interesting by players.

All teachers are controlled by the host, making it easier to be ran in Rusty.

Time: GMT 22:00 PM-1:00 AM
Players: Not Scott Gun, Aria 4.5, Atrask, Eris, Endurr
Link to Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OnrgYPz8T3LEn7Q5G-jCquIkgRUwuKbH5W_UGyYRYl4

I have 5 players right now, but may add more willing/interesting in joining later on.

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