i just happen to be on vacation too

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i just happen to be on vacation too

Post by Day of the Dead on Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:27 am

hello everyone, welcome to nat's spectacular vacation to amusement parks!

today, we'll give you a close-up of what i've been doing recently.


Flight origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Flight destination: Orlando, Florida


Day one:

Three hours in a car and four on a plane. It was mainly pretty comfortable with me replaying SoulSilver for the 500000th time. I didn't watch any movies, I just played and looked at the amazing sights out the window. I have a fear of open heights, like, when you're only hanging by a thread (figuratively) or something.

Once we got off the plane, we headed off to Universal Orlando to get our tickets. People complimented me on my Pikachu hat that I had. Soon, we were off to the cottages and slept until day two.

Day two: Universal Orlando - Universal Studios

My mom, grandma and I had split from my dad and my sister for a while. Prior, my parents had already gone out and rode aome rides before us. Sadly, I didn't wake ip fast enough because I stay up fairly late but still somehow function. Anyway, we toured the studios only and I could only dream of what the Islands of Adventure were like. And there were so many Pokemon Go-ers like myself!

We also went to see the Blue Man Group! The show was very weird but still interesting. They send a positive message of curiosity. It told me that I was gonna have the time of my life at these parks.

Day three: Universal Orlando - Islands of Adventure

Save for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we also toured the Islands of Adventure. We went to Mytho's in the Lost Continent first and got a ton of food. Like, my god, so much food, but it was worth it, I'll tell ya, heh. It was so good. The meat was perfectly seasoned and the mayonnaise-like sauce had an interesting taste. It was still really well-made and I absolutely loved.

Then I went to Seuss Landing, the cutest thing ever. We went on this little sky-tram thing around the little area and it was just AAAAAA. We then went over to Hogsmeade (right next door to the Lost Continent) and walked right through to Marvel Land, where I had some kind of lemon slushie. Fun.

We then went over to Jurassic Park, where my sister freaked out at the Kong ride, but, wellll... it was a mistake to take a four year old on a dark ride with amazing 3D and beautifully-rendered clips. She didn't want to ride any dark rides after that. There was also a type of attraction that I didn't want to ride either: flume rides. And guess what? Jurassic River Ride was a flume ride and I did NOT want to ride that, so Juliet and I played around in Camp Jurassic for like, an hour and a half or so. I was disappointed that I literally could not ride Pteranadon Rider because of my age and height. I went home disappointed.

Day three: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Yes! we saved a day for Harry Potter. We went up to Hogwarts and rode the Forbidden Journey (twice because of child swap) whoch was AMAZING. We went to Diagon Alley and rode Escape From Gringott's (again twice, since the first time it broke down). I had some Butterbeer (aka the best thing I've ever tasted) and had a wonderful time.

Day four: Leisure day!

My mom, grandma and I went over to Diagon Alley and rode Gringott's again and explored the alleyway much more thoroughly. I switched with my dad, who took me over to ET to ride again and also to the Simpsons Ride which was so coool!

We then went over to Hogsmeade and rode the Ice route of the Dragon's Challenge. It made me really dizzy omg. ;-; But I got candy from Honeydukes and it's soooooo good.

More about DisneyWorld on the way!
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Re: i just happen to be on vacation too

Post by Dreaming Asriel on Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:38 pm


If you ever see a man named Andy/Andrew Lino

Tell him you know his granddaughter from her hangouts calls :3
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