Let's Talk: An AMA

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Let's Talk: An AMA

Post by Spade Magnes on Fri Aug 12, 2016 7:15 pm

At this point I've come to be aware of the fact that wow, some of the shit I do makes absolutely no sense at all to an outside observer, and if you've managed to get close to me, chances are I've probably confused you numerous times because what makes me tick is some sort of mystery variable. Plus, some of you probably have a shitload of questions you wanna ask me. As a result, I'm gonna let you ask me anything. But first, we gotta lay down some ground rules.

1) Since you're asking me, I reserve the right not to answer any questions which I feel break any of the rules I'm laying down after this one.
2) First off, the forum/RP room rules apply, so if you're aware of those, this rule is somewhat redundant.
3) I know this is an AMA, but questions of a personal nature are a no-go, with a few exceptions.
4) This isn't a rule, per se, but I'll generally get to your question faster if it's relevant to the room and my experience with it.

Now, with those outta the way, go ahead and ask
Spade Magnes

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