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weapon thread

Post by LoreLight on Fri Aug 12, 2016 11:41 pm

lol its me and im back with another dose of banter.
today we talk about weapons and which ones are awful :3c
the infamous blade of sin, the japanese edge sword of death,,,,, we can go on for days on how katanas are impractical in western civilization, it doesn't really do shit to people with armor which makes it seem like a plastic knife and u have to be this fucking master at wielding katanas correctly, tons of training my dude. but we also have to consider something that most anti katana people don't consider and its that katanas are practical in eastern culture because there is a lack of armor,so  they can be more mobile with their katana, this allowed katanas to thrive because katanas can really only slice through a thin part of bones, and since eastern armies usually wore armor similar to leather, katanas could work in the situation. katanas are niche as hell, if someone has decent protection, then the katana is a garbage pick, but it can still help the wielder be mobile and easily slice through skin or weak armor.
the real dog shit weapons:
yeah dude everything that looks like a scythe is garbage without a doubt. lets regard the fact that u have to be buff as fuck to even pick it up, not only will you be slow as shit, you can easily hurt (kill yourself) if you make the wrong moves when using it. oh yeah and those whip blades, u dont have to be buff, but realize this my dude, what the hell with you do if that whip blade whips at your fucking neck dude, so practical. anything that has a gun attached to it is also automatically shit, unless it's a bracer with a gun on top, i can see that. the gun sword is gonna fucking cut you when you try and aim well and you are going to be inaccurate as hell when being careful, so what's the point. gun chucks are self explanatory, ur gonna fuckin shoot urself idiot

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