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World Map Contest: Progress Report Empty World Map Contest: Progress Report

Post by Rico on Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:09 pm

Normally I wouldn't bother with this kind of thing and just do the thing, but I said I'd get this all done in August and by my clock it is now officially September. I don't want people to feel like this has been forgotten, so I'm going to be updating this as I move my way slowly through this beast.

Firstly, of the 63 submissions we received, 43 managed to reach the score I deemed necessary to make the area part of the world map. Because some people submitted multiple times, this is a total of 34 'winners', if you will. I want to thank everybody for the hard work they put in to making their docs. Some people did delete them but luckily I was able to recover the docs. Before I go on, I will now congratulate all 34 users for their contribution, you will permanently be credited on our world map.

Cruella of De Vil, Blue Tulip ☂, 18th, Pokepat, EriselleClaraHyn, Ignis W.Incendio, Barry the NPC, DiscreditedCurly, Zerkar, Ryuetsu, Sushimurai, Marill-go-Round, Kurpz, Hydre(Hydreigon), Manakete Morgan, FluffyDeoxys, Illusion of Time, Jakob(Chesnaught), Physician Why/Rainy Hero Froppy, BriBri(Torterra), Revnas Infinitum, Alli (Pachirisu), Penelope Skie, Julie The Braixen, Seriph Skie, Areidis, AlephZer0, Adura, Kidincred, Jean Sang, Castle of Gears, KoopaKick, Cursia (Mismagius), Marshtompz

If you are any of these people and you, for some reason, do NOT want your area featured please let me know as soon as possible.

Progress so far: Worked out which documents we'll be using. Assigned all documents (except one) to a continent.
Breakdown per "Continent"
Alzora: 5 docs
Caelum: 2 docs
Cendria: 10 docs
Earion: 7 docs
Fryst: 1 doc
Islands: 9 docs (These are all docs for areas either not part of a continent or not on the map)
Jawhira: 4 docs
Nuriel: 2 docs
Zalria: 2 docs

Additions to be made: I will most likely be adding an extra continent to make room for our additional document. This was the highest scoring document we received and belongs to the consistently fantastic writer, Areidis. Normally I don't share scores, but Areidis received a 90% score for this submission, roughly 10% higher than those we thought were so good they deserved voice for their efforts.

Edit: If you have any questions feel free to ask them and I will endeavour to provide an answer.
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