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Feedback Results

Post by Rico on Mon Oct 10, 2016 10:01 am

First of all, thank you everybody who was willing to fill out our feedback form. There were a lot of suggestions and some really interesting information. I'll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions later in this post, but first I'd like to give you guys some cool data.

Roughly 50% of users have been here longer than 1 year
This may be more a case of users who have been here longer are more likely to respond to the form. All up about a quarter of users who filled out have been here two years or longer, another quarter for 1-2 and then about half for under a year. It's good to see so many old users, but also such a large number of newer users.

70% of respondents felt welcome when they first joined the room
This was higher than expected, but lower than what I'm hoping we can reach. With only about half the people reporting someone was willing to help them out when they first joined I think this is something we can definitely work on in the future.

About half of our users never roleplayed before PS
This is really exciting to me. I've been a roleplayer for years and finally having an outlet where we have so many people new to RP is really great. I'm really glad we have so many people who can call Pokemon Showdown their first RP experience.

Generally speaking, RP Users think our Staff are doing a good job
It's good to see that we're generally doing a good job by you guys. If there's anything specific you'd like us to improve on though, let us know in the next feedback form.

30% of users have an improved experience due to the world map
If it was just one user, I would count the World Map as a successful project. 30% doesn't sound like a lot, but for the work that it took, I think it was extremely worthwhile. Hopefully when I'm able to complete the expansions on the map that number will rise.

Most people are glad Prom is gone
Looks like we hit the nail on the head with that one, it's unfortunate but I'm glad we all agree.

People are generally positive on the Conquest Changes
At most, respondents were a little unhappy with the changes, but by and large we saw a positive response. We understand it can be frustrating when RPs rules change as often as Conquest has been lately, but we are just trying to get it to a point where it feels both fair and enjoyable to everybody involved.

Pokehigh has the most room for improvement
This came as no surprise, we already knew going in to this that Pokehigh needs some work. We have some plans for this going forward. Every RP had at least one vote for improvements, with the exception of Kingdom, which had a 23% "main rp" vote. It seems Kingdom is doing pretty well for itself.


Please improve [RP] by making it more interesting!
We got this question a lot, be it "Improve Pokehigh by adding more interesting classes" or "You need to make a better RP to replace this RP"
We are not going to host for you, that's not our job as staff of the room. If you have an idea for how something should be run, make a doc and volunteer to host. There were a LOT of suggestions that followed this trend. Before you expect staff to do something, ask yourself "Could I do this?" You don't need staff to make a great doc, nor to run a great game.

Be kinder to new users
This came up a few times and is something we really need to work towards. RP is frequently beset upon by trolls and this can make it difficult to tell a troll from a legitimate new user. We could implement a few things that will make it harder for trolls, but this will also cause problems for new users. In the end, this is a complex problem, but we've heard you and agree it's a problem that needs fixing.

Mobile hosting
Mobile hosting is generally disallowed because hosts on mobile are the least reliable hosts you'll find. They are notorious for leaving without warning due to either connection or because they're just not paying attention, they're unable to efficiently handle a document as well as PS and there's just a whole slew of issues surrounding mobile hosts. You may not be the kind of host who has these issues, but the majority are... and when you have a majority of that size...

Fix Pokehigh!
We heard you, loud and clear. We're working on it I promise.
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