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Autoconfirmed in Rusty/Amphy Empty Autoconfirmed in Rusty/Amphy

Post by Rico on Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:36 pm

Some of you may have noticed that Rusty and Amphy now default to autoconfirmed modchat. This is mainly to assist us in moderating the three rooms, as it helps prevent trolls from repeatedly hitting the same room.

To become autoconfirmed you must win at least one rated battle and your account must have been registered for one week
You DO NOT have to do this for every account you want to use on PS. As long as you log in to an autoconfirmed account, you can switch to any name you want and still be autoconfirmed.

Example: I log in to my account "Rico". This account is autoconfirmed, so I'm able to talk. I decide to switch to an unregistered name "BillyJoeBobthe23rd". Since I was already logged in as Rico, I remain autoconfirmed and can talk in Amphy/Rusty.
In another instance, I do not log in as "Rico". Instead I log in as "BillyJoeBobthe23rd". This account is not autoconfirmed and I have not logged in to an autoconfirmed account recently, so I cannot talk.

Any questions? Ask away!
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