A look into Aerilyn, Arti, and Cuno

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A look into Aerilyn, Arti, and Cuno

Post by Articuno on Sat Nov 05, 2016 6:14 am

If you've seen me RP in Freeroam it's likely with Aerilyn Mellia, the Articuno; Arti, Aerilyn's vessel; or Cuno, Arti's older sister. 

Naturally this can all be very confusing so I'm going to use this thread to explain what happened between these three and the others involved with them (namely Rico's characters, Rico, Siana, and Mist). 

Let's start with the legend herself: 

Aerilyn Mellia - Articuno:

Aerilyn was born alongside her siblings, Zapdos and Moltres. She considers Mew (Mist) her matron, though she was not born to the other legend. She considers Lugia her overseer, and Ho-Oh something like an aunt or uncle. Growing up, Aerilyn soon realized that she was a lot more special than the other Pokemon around her; in fact, only the other two birds could hold a candle to her. Thus she embraced the mantle of legendary and proudly wore it upon her breast. Her inflated sense of self carried with it a sense of sovereignty, but she did not seek to use it against anyone or anything. Instead, she took roost amongst the proud glacial mountains off of the northeastern coast of Goldrock.

Humans she found distasteful, though they were able to pique her curiosity more than any other lifeform. Guided by her whims, she would occasionally deign to show her splendour to these beings, and thus her presence became more well-known to men. Some worshipped her as a savior borne of ice, and sought her secluded cavern in order to seek her knowledge. As time went by, however, she found her body becoming heavy, and her feathers becoming dull. Unbeknownst to her, she was growing old. A slow, deadly virus ate its way through her vitality until naught was left but her fitful desire to live. 

It was then that a faithful worshipper managed to find her way into Aerilyn's caverns, seeking her counsel as so many had before. After conversing with the woman for hours, Aerilyn made a split-second decision that would shape the future of so many. Using the last dredges of her power, the bird bestowed her soul into the woman's body. Any children she had would contain the Articuno's power - but so much could go wrong. If the woman died childless, Aerilyn's memory would be erased forever. If she had children, but her children perished, then that was lost to the world forever. 

But the woman survived. And that is where Cuno's story begins.  

Cuno - The Older Sister:

The first thing to note is that Arti and Cuno have different fathers. Cuno's father worked as a mercenary and was the type of person to kill who he wanted, when he wanted; the pay was often just a bonus. It seems unlikely that Arti's and Cuno's mother would engage with that type of personality, for she was diligent and quiet, but in the end Cuno was born first. Her name naturally originates from the legendary bird that her mother was able to meet; the entire reason she made the journey was because she worshipped Aerilyn.

Her mother was forced to raise her alone, for it soon became clear that whatever night they shared was a one-time thing. Despite this, she raised Cuno with the utmost of love and care, and at the age of four, Cuno was already reveling in her mother's attention. That, however, was when her mother met Arti's father. Suddenly Cuno was not the only focus of her mother, and the abrupt change with another man in their life caused the girl to resent the man who tried as best he could to act as her father. 

The important thing to note is that Arti's father was a Guardian: one who serves under Mist, the Mother of All. Both he and Cuno's father were magical to some degree, though neither of them knew that the woman they would give children to was carrying Articuno's soul. 

Either way, the trio ended up moving into a secluded home in the dense forests that surrounded Southpoint. For a few months, everything was quiet... and then Cuno's mother found out that she was pregnant once more. Cuno did not know anything about pregnancy and what it meant. All she had been told was that she was "going to become a big sister!". For her, it meant that there was going to be more people to suck up her mother's love when it should really only be focused on her.

A couple of years after Arti was born, her father decided that he would seek out Cuno's father so they would become a true family - or at least to find the truth as to why he was absent from their lives (though he had tried asking Arti's and Cuno's mother, she had been unable to present a true answer). For the next two years, their mother raised the sisters. She taught Cuno the letters and the numbers while bouncing a baby Arti on her hip. She told Cuno many times, "please take care of your sister". 

And when he still hadn't come back, she decided she would go information hunting. "I won't be long," she told her daughters. "Do not trust anyone who comes to the door." And with that, she left. Not a few hours later, a knock resounded from the front door.


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