I am my own OC

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I am my own OC

Post by Sky-blue Meowstic on Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:23 pm

Name:Sky-blue Meowstic
Favorite food:Pizza

Does know how to speak the human language

What I look like:
I look a little different than most meowstics, first off having three tails! the second difference is that the white parts are a light "sky-blue" coloration.
I also tend to have my ears open all the time, as it helps my psychic abilities tremendously. my ears always point downward, unless exited/jump-scared.
another thing, I tend to wear a fedora, which was custom made for me, as it has two holes for my ears to hang out from. besides all I pointed out, I look like your average run of the mill meowstic!

first off, my famous Twin-emerald swords! they are lined with emerald (duh!) and have the cutting power of diamonds. a very useful weapon for me, as I tend to fight my enemies up close!  one of my special skills is the ability to fly, which using my three tails comes in handy for that job!  the last power of mine is my psychic abilities, which is self explanatory unless you do not know what a meowstic is!

Video games, challenges, pizza, flying, something not to be told here, exploring the unknown, showing off.

Frozen, Justin beiber, lewd art of his favorite characters, not being the strongest, any evil organization.
Sky-blue Meowstic

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