Pokèmon on the Nintendo Switch: Discussions and Thoughts

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Pokèmon on the Nintendo Switch: Discussions and Thoughts

Post by Rotom's Pokedex on Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:01 am

Pokèmon on the Nintendo Switch: Could It Be a Game Changer?

Hi everyone! Before commenting here, I highly recommend you watch this video. In the video, there is mention of a conversation held between Junichi Masuda and an interviewer, where the interviewer asks: "Will we have Diamond and Pearl remakes?" after that, Junichi simply laughed and replied with "I don't know.". While this may sound silly, it could very well happen. However, that is not our main topic; These words are: "We don't know much about the Nintendo Switch, but if it can be played in a portable format like the way you can take a 3DS around, then I'd say there is a fairly high chance Game Freak would consider putting this on the Switch."

Now, these are some big words; but, it's up to us to analyze the Switch and see if it is possible for Pokèmon to be played on the Switch, much like how you'd play on your 3DS, but on the big screen. Leave your thoughts below, and I'm very excited to see what all of you forum dwellers can decode about this topic, to further prove that it can be done. Have fun!
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