The three rooms of RP

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The three rooms of RP

Post by Rico on Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:48 pm

Roleplaying (main): This is the primary RP room and is the most active, open all day every day. Most of the RP that goes on in this room are official rps.

AmphyRP: This is the first of RPs two siderooms. AmphyRP is the testing grounds for custom RPs, using a unique rule known as Custom Priority. Amphy also allows official RPs, with the exception of Freeroam.

RustyRP: This is the second of RPs two siderooms. RustyRP is designed to allow multi-session RPs to take place with the same participants. This is done by scheduling a time which you intend to have your players meet every week.
When no scheduled RP is running, Rusty is used as an overflow for main.
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