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Message of the Day

Post by Rico on Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:48 pm

Most of you should have noticed the bot spewing out random messages at the end of every RP (and after every failed poll). This is part of our new announcement system that we've named "MotD" or message of the day. It's not really a message of the day that's just the best name I had for it at the time. These messages are callable via a command accessible only to voices+, but otherwise they simply fire automatically and completely at random. If you have any suggestions for a random announcement, let us know in this thread. Below, I'll be listing our current ones primarily so that voices and such can locate them and call them if it's needed.

Command: .motd [number]

  1. Want to be a legendary pokemon? Check out our handy guide and feel free to make a request:
  2. People keep saying godmodding is bad, but what even is that? Read our handy guide.
  3. There are a lot of different RPs you can host and play on Pokemon Showdown, check out our list of official RPs, or create your own!
  4. Have your say in the future of Conquest:
  5. Did you know we have three rooms on PS? Learn what they're about, and maybe even schedule an RP.
  6. Have an idea to improve the room? Has a user been harassing you? Let us know via our feedback form!
  7. Chatzy links are no longer permitted in chat. If you notice a questionable chatzy, please notify staff. As with all word filters, evading this ban will result in a roomban.
  8. All RPs other than Freeroam must have a variant poll. Read more here.
  9. Do you have a custom RP? It must have three approvals to get on our official list. More details here:
  10. Wild Pokemon cannot Mega Evolve or use Z-Moves.
  11. Legends perms have been updated on October 10th. Additionally, current legend holders must reply to an AFK check!
  12. RP Trials for legends have been extended to multiple staff members! Read more here:
  13. If you participate in Erotic RP ANYWHERE on Pokemon Showdown (Including PMs and Battle Chat) you will be permanently and globally locked. Don't do it.
  14. Submit YOUR idea for Conquest Kingdom descriptions! Take a look here:
  15. Come learn about our Verified Helpers and Tutors or request help of your own!
  16. An update on the Official Evil Team, and information on Legendary Blessings |
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