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Void_Scenario (An RP You Don't Need to Sign Up For) Empty Void_Scenario (An RP You Don't Need to Sign Up For)

Post by DiscreditedCurly on Thu Mar 09, 2017 7:41 pm

Pale coloured specks, on eternal black.  That's all you've seen for a very, very long time.  You feel numb and disoriented, as if you were floating in tank filled with ooze.  Trying to close your eyes to look away simply brings up new, but similar boring pictures.   You've even tried to make out patterns to no avail.  Here, you sit, bored and out of your mind.  Wishing for something to do, anything.

...It shook.  The picture shook.  It finally did something.  The specks spun around you, speeding up until they turned into a plain of white.  Painful, blinding white.  You felt cold and hard on your being, as it started to clear up.  There were cracks where light peered through the walls of old cobble, enough to light up the room.  You could see a puddle of black, sparkling ooze surrounding you, with islands of clear glass in it.

You looked down, seeing two white appendages with five smaller digits on each.  They felt... weird, as if they were easily movable, which they turned out to be.  You tipped over, stumbling and resting on the cobble wall, and rested on two more white appendages with five smaller digits.  However, unlike the other ones, they were smaller and harder to move around.  Between those two points, the Higher and the Lower, was a black, flowing mass, with silver crescent shapes with silver vines around them.  The mass covered your Higher appendages, as if to cloak them.

Never the less, where were you?  How do you get out?...  What even is your name?  It will be a start to this confusion.

Like a Star @ heaven

(Welcome to Void_Scenario, an RP where in which you are not the person that's being RPed.  Instead, you 'tell' the person your controlling via commands.  It's similar to that of a webcomic called Awful Hospital, or Ruby Quest.  I suggest you check those out.  Your job here is to protect this person, find the others linked to said person, and get out to the open.  Here goes nothing, and we wish you luck.)
(Your person, if you couldn't understand the purple prose that was typed out, is an extremely pale human that is female.  Her only notable article of clothing is the Moon Cloak, a black flowing mass with metal crescent moons and string around the moons.  She is also black haired, around 3'4" and appearing to look about 9.)

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