The Hawewe RP Group - Sign up today!

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The Hawewe RP Group - Sign up today!

Post by Rotom's Pokedex on Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:29 pm

Welcome to the Hawewe Clan!
With a warm smile, the Primarina approached you, warmly stretching her arms out. "I welcome you to the sign-up center, it is with great honor that I say that the Hawewe Clan is seeking recruits; and we need you! So, who's in?" She asked, as a sudden riptide of people and Pokemon rushed in, as you grabbed a small booklet, containing the document...

Document, Please Read!

"Now, I just need you to sign that waiver on the bottom, and I'll look over it.. And so will the rest of the guardians. This is an executive decision, and I hope you understand." She said, scooting behind the booth. "We are now.. Open!"

(To join, do fill out the waiver in the form at the bottom of the doc, and I'll look over it!)
(Already in via PMs? Why not explain a bit about your character here? c:)
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