A word on Dungeons

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A word on Dungeons

Post by Kevinselvan on Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:15 pm

Kevin here...
After the event which i call the 'variant clause' The amount of customs has gone to an all time decrease. The reason being the fact that most of the so called customs were in fact dnd variants.
This has given rise to different types of custom such as the cafe stimulator, or the you own a city stimulator!

This has also given a increase in people trying to make better customs but.....
Dnd Is Overlooked.

I mean with the decrease in customs, there is a humongous increase in the amount of Dnd's. I am talking about customs that have been turned Dnd like my custom The world of laidana(Name subjected to change)

And while the increase may or may not be apparent. it's as if people are avoiding this topic altogether.

But fear no more i Kevin, solemnly swear that i am up to no good...

Also anything i say here are based on my opinion. If conflicting do tell me i shall update

Lets get started shall we

What is a Dnd?

The acronym dnd can stand for a lot of things.
Originally it meant Dungeons and Dragonites. But it has also evolved to involve other pokemon, such as dungeons and Drampas. And even Dungeons and dodrios.

The rp is a dungeon crawling adventure where the participants work together either in a team or alone.
This rp is what i would like to call a perfect blend of freeroam and non-freeroam.

What makes it different from a custom?

The variant clause event made sure that the fine line separating dnd from customs was intact. A custom is in NO way similar to a dnd.
The most common mistake people make is that they associate rolls and classes with DnD.
While this may be true for the classic tabletop game when in a rp room things change.
in an rp room people want to ,surprise, rp.

The thing that separates a custom from dnd is still a matter of debate(put it in replies and i will edit add them)


No matter how different a dnd is it all comes down to one fine point in the mechanics. Character building.
Even in the most fandom based DnD's if there is no character development then it has been seen to fail miserably!
When i say character development i mean not only the name and stats, but i mean the trials he/she will face, the reasons to hate and the deaths.

The next thing that people tend to expect in a Dnd is Class.
As good as the class system is if not done right it can hinder the rp completely pointless.
Take the experienced role-player who understands class and is ready to take the one that perfectly suits his charecter.
At the same time take also the new guy who goes for the most powerful charecter.
All this will reflect in the class system.

And finally the story line.
No Dnd is good without a great story to go along with it.
I can quote a lot of examples but i don't think i have the copyrights to do so.
A storyline is what compels a character to even follow it or downright oppose it. I have seen Dnd's where a single choice can change the course of events so bad that...that Shudder
Ultimately no one wants to see the same clear out the dungeon plot...that's old and OU...
What people want is a world they can immerse themselves in

Dnd is a rp that manages to get the best out of people a most memorable experience if and only if it is done right!
With that i Bow down out of existance

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Re: A word on Dungeons

Post by Cradle Cat on Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:34 pm

lol text-based roleplays ever being called simulators

Overall this is an OK post. I don't agree with some of the points you made but it's an opinion piece so that's perfectly alright. Personally I think character development is up to RPers to handle, not the host, and the plot of a DnD is far less important than the actual dungeon and what trials are inside.

DnD is a tabletop RPG that uses roll-based combat and a class system. Really it should be renamed "Tabletop" or something, but that's not for me to discuss. The variant rule focuses on what DnD is like in the rooms, which is only defined by those two points. So therefore, any custom following those two basic rules is a DnD.

In short, decent opinion post.
Cradle Cat

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