All's Darkest Hour- A custom that lots of people are incapable of spelling right for some reason.

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All's Darkest Hour- A custom that lots of people are incapable of spelling right for some reason.

Post by PixelKirby on Thu Mar 16, 2017 7:25 pm

the amount of times I have seen 'darkest hour' be used on a poll

Okay, besides that little joke there, a while back I made my second custom (My first was Spatial Contortion, something I worked on with some other people and kinda abandoned a while ago.) and it ended up getting rather popular at the time. As my activity waned on and off, it lost some of it's thunder. This roleplay is All's Darkest Hour.

All's Darkest Hour

You are stuck in a hellish like work and are tasked with surviving and making it to the next world, until you can finally escape. Simple as that. Or is it? Underneath this simple premise is a large, intricate sea of plot. All the characters have their own agendas. All the enemies could be hiding something dangerous up their sleeves. As you go along, you will put together the puzzle, piece by piece, until you reach the final boss. You have many interesting characters, such as the deceased but possessed powerhouse Valev, the deceitful and scheming kid Aaron, a rather helpful but dark and morbid succubus named Prisyla, and more.

With every world, the mechanics change. I am trying to stay as far as I can away from stats, as I am not ready to turn this into some sort of DnD variant. I am not too proud of the mechanics- the draw to this RP is mainly the plot and scenario. And possibly my hosting, if you like my hosting.

I am sorry but I am unable to tell you that at this time.

Short, maybe. However, if you have feedback, it is greatly appreciated.

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