Dusk (Professor) - 2/4

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Dusk (Professor) - 2/4

Post by Dusk 'Til Dawn on Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:29 pm

The other Dusk's Biography
Sycamore, Prof.
Dusk experimented on himself with a Gardevoirite. The consequences were Psychic abilities.
Laid back and carefree, Dusk tends to only act serious when experimenting or practicing his skills.
Dusk wears what Professor Sycamore wears whilst working, and whilst not working... he wears the shirt beneath the lab coat. He tends to hold a Key Stone for Gardevoir.
Known Moves:
yeah, no.
Dusk was born in Unova, surprisingly, during the events of Black and White. He went to the school there for a while, and soon he knew it was his destiny to be a Pokemon Professor. After he reached the age of 18, he was legally allowed to move away, and he chose to move all the way to a newly found region then, the region of America. A trained Professor lived there at that time, and he became the assistant of him. His name was Professor Willow, and he taught him his ways until he died in a tragic, yet nearly finished experiment, disabled his brain, and Dusk took over. Dusk wanted to complete the experiment, but with full knowledge of what he was trying to do. He had been trying to insert a mega stone into the nervous system. Dusk knew that he shouldn't try any awkward mega stones, so he settled for Gardevoirite. After a year and a half of research, the experiment was finished- but the results were more than expected. The Gardevoirite boosted his intelligence and let him control more than 70% of his brain, giving him 'psychic abilities'. Dusk has, since then, used these abilities to protect his research, but he's been hiding a dirty secret...
Pros and Cons of your character’s traits


Dusk has extremely enhanced intelligence, allowing him to see the world in a different way. This is mainly because of the Gardevoirite, but some suspect that he's been going through secret training.

Dusk has a growing control over his brain, allowing him to use just brainpower to speak through telepathy, mainly because of the Gardevoirite, though some suspect he's been going through training to reach 100%.

When angered, Dusk's Gardevoirite and held Key Stone will react, letting him briefly obtain 100% of his brain, giving him extreme intelligence and ultimate power over his environment. Once the reaction has lost it's effect, Dusk will pass out for a day or two, leaving him vulnerable.


Dusk has no way of knowing when the Key Stone is going to activate. Though he's working on a device to control it, he could suddenly unleash his true pontential and lose consciousness for several days. In sticky situations, this is fatal.

Dusk is troubled with guilt for some unknown reason. He says it's because he knows he can never rid himself of his powers, but it's really because of the name that comes at night, and his secret identity.

Dusk is still getting used to his enhanced brain power, testing it out whenever he can. He dosen't know the damage he could do, and for all he knows, trying it out could cause utter catastrophe.

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I used America because Lt. Surge. Anyway. Two more to go... '-'
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