Bug Catcher Dean & his team

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Bug Catcher Dean & his team

Post by BugCatcherDean on Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:42 pm

Dean is a bug maniac of sorts, but was never too keen on being called that. He's mostly a regular fellow, although his love for bug-types persisted ever since he was a child. He is 19 at the moment and still exclusively uses bug type Pokemon. He has brown, medium length hair. He's 6'2 tall, has green eyes and is built rather broad.

Born in a humble village in the Kingdom of Cendria, Dean was raised to be a kind young man, and so he was. Throughout his youth, he never caught many Pokemon as he did not want to take away their freedom; instead, he engaged in friendly spars with them, always carrying a Revive or two to bring his own or wild Pokemon back to conscience. His party stayed the same throughout his life, making for a very much loyal team.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, also for Dean. Financial troubles hit his family and Dean, who had been raised to keep others' needs in mind, took it upon himself to lower the costs his household made by running away from home. He's ashamed of it, and looking back on it now, it was a horrible decision, one he still regrets today. He tries to keep it silent and only shares this with people he trusts greatly. To this day, he still hasn't mustered the courage to return home. This is Dean's biggest flaw; he is extremely gullible, and his deep-rooted kindness makes him easy to take advantage of. Luckily, his Pokemon look out for him and never hesitate to bump into him to remind him he should be more assertive or stand up for himself. Speaking of his Pokemon;

Iblis (Volcarona - ♂)
Iblis was caught as a Larvesta in the Goldrock Ruins. At first, he was feisty and uncooperative; didn't listen to in the least. Dean figured he had some sort of reason for this and decided to take him under his wing. Throughout the years, the scared Larvesta started trusting his trainer more and more, and finally evolved into a beautiful Volcarona. Despite having been the only Pokemon he caught through force instead of by request, Iblis is his most loyal Pokemon to date.
Today, Iblis' personality hasn't changed much, but his attitude towards Dean has. Iblis considers it his biggest responsibility to stop Dean's pushover tendencies, and does a great job at doing so.
Iblis loves real battles as well as Beauty Contests, Quiver and Fiery Dancing his way through both, and spends most of his time outside of his Pokeball as Dean's mount and companion in day-to-day life.

Arachnode (Galvantula - ♂)
Arachnode was only a tiny Joltik when Dean found him taking refuge in his shoes while camping, and he still seems to think he's just that- a tiny Joltik. In reality, he's a rather big Galvantula, which gets in the way of things like crawling onto Dean's shoulder and hiding in the collar of his jacket like he used to when he was tiny, or squeezing into Dean's backpack to hide away.
This Galvantula is extremely shy and likes avoiding conflict, something his great speed helps with. However, when it's time to battle, he stands resolute and strikes anyone that threatens Dean down without second thought. His powerful and accurate Thunder is sure to get rid of these threats, with his Energy Ball making quick work of Ground-types that think they can outsmart him.

Ikari (Venomoth - ♀)
This Venomoth was caught in its evolved state and doesn't speak at all, although Dean is certain he can hear Iblis and Ikari buzz to eachother occasionally. Ikari voluntarily sought out Dean after witnessing Iblis in battle, and ever since has been a part of his team. In battles, she does what has to be done and returns to her ball afterwards. She exclusively engages in beauty contests if Iblis joins, too, and genuinely seems to enjoy herself when Quiver Dancing around the arena together with the Volcarona.

Hermit (Crustle - ♂)
This Crustle is very cuddly, despite carrying a huge, heavy rock on its back. If left unattended, Hermit will do anything for attention, and something he's particularly fond of is charging towards Dean to get him on the ground, then lowering himself onto his chests for forced affection (and breathing troubles for Dean). Hermit spends most of its time inside his pokeball, as whenever it's not fighting it'd much rather seek out affection.  

Dean uses other pokemon in battling, too; but they don't have quite as much personality as the ones he'd given names. Among these are pokemon like Mega Pinsir, Scizor, Mega Beedrill, Dustox, Scollipede, Forretress, Parasect, Butterfree and even Heracross.

Please rate my OC, it is my first! Any and all constructive feedback is appreciated!


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Re: Bug Catcher Dean & his team

Post by Aranda Ixia on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:48 pm

Nice OC! I like how you decided to give the trainer's pokemon personalities, just like giving an OC a personality. Regarding that, I noticed that the Pokemon's personality actually make up the bulk of this post. Maybe you could elaborate a little more on the personality of Dean. Here are some points that you may want to consider elaborating on:
1) How was he raised to be kind? Was he drilled into it, or was he punished when he made mistakes? If so, how? Or maybe he was rewarded for doing the right thing?
2) After he ran away from home, how did he make a living? How did he get his food and water supplies to allow him to continue to live on? Does he still carry his revives around? If so, how does he get the money:to buy it?
3) Why is he ashamed of running away from home when he knows it would help to alleviate the financial crisis? Is it because his parents would be mad at him for doing so?
4) An extra point you may want to consider is Dean's (and maybe his pokemon's) likes and dislikes.
5) Don't all pokemon have personalities? Is lack of personality the only reason why Dean does not really use the other pokemon you menioned? What happens to the other pokemon when they are not in use? Are they in the PC? Do they feel neglected?
6) Sure, thunder is powerful, but game mechanic wise, it isn't all that accurate.

That's it for now, I suppose. Hope this helps!
Aranda Ixia

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