First Cruise doc (air-ship) - S. S. Nake

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First Cruise doc (air-ship) - S. S. Nake

Post by BugCatcherDean on Fri Mar 31, 2017 2:52 pm

This is the first doc I've written, and i was hoping i could receive come feedback on it! Thank you in advance!
I was aiming for a "generic cruise" as i didn't want to stray off the example too much with my first doc.

Since i can't post links yet (my account is brand new), i'll post the raw text below instead;

The S. S. Nake
the tropical experience, bird’s eye view
<picture of zeppelin>

The Airship
The ship isn’t one that sails through water; this one sails through the air, providing a wonderful bird’s eye view for its tenants. There are several “main areas” in the wonderful S.S.Nake, each serving a different purpose.

The Route
The airship travels for three days before returning at its destination. It doesn’t make any stops, as the jungle terrain is not fit for the airship to land, but it will circle around certain interesting locations. The captain will call these locations out and elaborate on them for your viewing pleasure.
The Observatory
Perhaps one of the busiest parts of the airship is the Observatory. The Observatories are cabins on the bottom of the lowest floor, made entirely out of reinforced glass for the visitors to see through. The main observatory is closest to the middle and has various facilities available, ranging from a bar serving different (non-alcoholic) beverages and juices to a small store that sells items like binoculars, cameras and even intricate devices such as telescopes for the wealthier lot. Another observatory is located on top of the airship, but it is only accessible for first class ticket holders.

The Back
The back of the airship isn’t normally accessible for tenants, although if the workers are in a particularly good mood they may schedule a tour around the inner workings of the airship. The back contains the engines and grants access to most machinery required for the facilities of the airship to work, and is restricted access for this reason. Most of this area is just iron walkways through the inflated exterior of the airship’s balloon for maintenance.

The Middle - Cabins
The middle of the airship contains the cabins and suites; the second-class cabins take up the the lower half, being about thrice as small as the suites are. The interior of the cabins is made of bamboo and the floor is made of mahogany boards. Most of the furniture is made of mahogany, too, and red silk is common in the majority of the rooms. The rooms contain a bathroom with dark marble tiles, a shower, bath, toilet and sink- everything Pokemon and human need to stay fresh. There is also a dresser with mirror in every cabin, a small table and two chairs as well as a double bed in the middle. There are no fridges or other meal-related facilities in the cabins; the various restaurants throughout the Front and even one in the Observatory are used for breakfast, lunch and dinner alike.

The Middle - Suites
The upper half contains suites; much bigger rooms that might aswell be houses on their own. They contain a big bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room, two bedrooms with king-size, satin beds. The mahogany-and-bamboo theme is present in these suites too, but the walls are decorated intricately and the floor has a beautiful pattern, varying from room to room. These suites come at a higher price, but have added comfort and luxuries; on top of that, it grants access to the Upper Observatory.

The Front
The front of the airship has most of the facilities. There is no “deck” due to safety concerns, but everything is ventilated well- do not worry about the heat!

The Facilities
Airborne Arena - The Arena isn’t actually airborne, but has various obstacles to spice up battles! The Arena is mostly just a large pit (fenced off, of course- safety is our biggest concern) with various ramps and slopes. Trees and foliage provide cover for combatants, and our Blisseys are always ready to take care of the less fortunate fighters. Tournaments may be hosted here for great prizes, so stay tuned during your visit!
Lucky Chant Casino - the Casino isn’t truly a casino, as-to-say; it’s more of an arcade. Play classics like “Mismagius’ Misfortune”, “Cubone’s Quest” and “Haunter 2: October 31th” and receive tickets for scoring points in them. Exchange these tickets for great prizes at the prize booth! TMs, plushies, berries; you name it, we have it!
Poliwrath’s Pool - A large pool with various entertaining elements for children, like a Whirlpool for them to swim away in, a Bubble Beam bath and a Rock Slide for them to use (It’s made of plastic, don’t worry). All Pokemon are welcome, too, but Electric moves are not to be used inside the water.
Crobat’s Cuisine - Don’t think much of Crobats? That’s about to change. Enter their cuisine and let them spoil you - in the good way, mind you - with elaborate dishes for vegetarians, carnivores and omnivores alike. Despite the prejudices some people may have for Poison-types, they make mean cooks, and Crobat is a prime example of that. They also take requests!
Therian Theatre - Witness great actors perform historic battles and experience them as if you were there yourself- high quality special effects and costumes make these performances as great as the real events, if not greater! Come one, come all!
Slowbro’s Silence - Not a horror movie, no. Slowbro likes to take it slow, and that’s exactly what you can do in this area. A beautiful tiki-themed lounge to get away from life’s troubles. A designated silent area, troublemakers will be kicked out so you can enjoy the calm.


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Re: First Cruise doc (air-ship) - S. S. Nake

Post by TurtleWarlord on Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:47 pm

Seems nice. I enjoy the description, but what about the rules/how it will be run? Especialy if you're a new host you might want to put that on the doc-- I feel it will spice it up! Of course this is just one dude's opinion. Looks nice, though!

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