Something about cruise needs to change

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Something about cruise needs to change

Post by Hindrest on Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:01 pm

Maybe I'm just cranky. Maybe I just don't like cruise in general. But I know that something about cruise has to change. I've complained about it for a while, but never bothered to make an attempt to actually try and change something, so I'll just make this brief. The reasons below are why I personally don't enjoy cruise, and feel that something should be changed.

Meaningless Events
Half the events that happen within the timespan of cruise are absolutely meaningless. A prime example of such a meaningless thing would be the "plushie" events, where the host rolls for people to get certain (in rp) "plushies" that have no general effect on anything. All in all really, its just bold and roll spam that furthers nothing, and can be detrimental to those who are actually trying to roleplay. Other examples would be rap battles (cease to exist), Trivia, and raining magikarp.

Limited Environment
Cruise is essentially just a pseudo version of free roam. The only reason that it hasn't been deemed alongside free roam is because it takes place at sea, and requires a host+document to run. Most cruise documents involve the same set of things to do on board, save for a minor difference that likely has something to do with the name of the cruise ship. On the example cruise document, it states that the ship can traverse through anywhere such as space, land, etc. Yet nobody even tries to attempt to do such a thing.

There's something about shitposting within a roleplay that just triggers me sometimes. I can understand that when a roleplay has gone on for around two hours or so, shitpost is inevitable-and even invited into the chat for small periods. But two hours (or more) of straight shitpost is unacceptable-not to claim that everyone in cruise is a shitposter, but a small majority take joy in creating a steady flow of meaningless post, especially in OOC chat.

Here's an example of what I mean:
[18:41:02] "salt rains from above" 3 bombs come down on pepes and goes on ship

Sub-Par Roleplaying
It's debatable what counts as sub-par roleplaying, as everyone roleplays in their own fashion/style, so this one may apply depending on what you consider sub-par. For me, when I take a look in the chat, I see tons of post that are just-[18:44:06] sits in the corner (( open )), but then again, not everyone has to spam a paragraph post.

The majority of people already associate cruise and Fr together often-the difference being one is obviously in a different setting. We also know that freeroam has a two hour time limit, while Cruise ends when it is endpolled, or the host leaves. An average cruise last between an hour or two-so adding up the time from a freeroam and an average cruise (supposing they run subsequently after one another,) that's almost four hours of borderline freeroaming. Of course, if you love both, then this shouldn't be a problem for you.

Now-the change I'd like to see? Probably that cruise becomes apart of freeroam once more. That's highly unlikely however, so some possible changes could include cracking down on meaningless events, urging people to try new enviornments and cruise themes, placing cruise on a two hour time limit. Whatever works to change the nature of cruise, I'm down for.


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