Cruise Chores - How We Should Handle Events

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Cruise Chores - How We Should Handle Events

Post by Cradle Cat on Mon Apr 10, 2017 8:32 am

I recently had a conversation that really made me realise something about the way events in Cruise are currently handled. They aren't special events that people elect to be a part of, and feel like they did something fun and exclusive. They're forced upon people, dragging away from the fun of a freeform roleplay and instead making each Cruise a rollercoaster of nightmarish "lol random" things being hurled at them by whatever hellhole hates them most. In short; Cruise "events" are becoming chores. They're monotonous. They aren't exclusive. They're boring and predictable, despite the "random xd" appearance.

So... there's a problem. Now what? Well, there are two things you can do. First, we could make events nicer. Something smaller in scale and less arbitrary will often draw the attention of people who care, and want to actually experience your cruise as opposed to sitting in a chair while the world flies past them. Making events that are just fun little experiences are chances for people to build character, find footing if just joining, and other little things. For all of Prom's failings, at least the scenarios there were created by the setting itself and not the DJ playing Rick Astley while hippos fell from the rafters. Cruise doesn't have that right now, imo. At least, not in the mainstream circulation. Second, try to make events very much optional, but maybe incentivised. You can create a system to track which users try out which events. Perhaps a system of pins or badges for trying events (logged on a spreadsheet) could help to get people to join over and over to see each and every event, thus making your hard work not in vain, or you could change the boat in VERY SUBTLE WAYS like calm lights at night or putting in a fishing chair for someone to try and reel in a big fish for a prize. Small but interesting features like that are more appealing than bombastic displays of insanity, at least to me. That's just my two cents, though. What do you think about Cruise events? Could they be fixed in a better way to how I've posed a solution? If so, please tell me, I'm interested in other opinions.

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