Battleless CQ and the Poll

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Should Battleless Cq be moved to the Variant poll

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Battleless CQ and the Poll

Post by Yung$$$ on Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:58 am

So as we all know, Battleless CQ has become a official variant recently. And as we know, it gets its own poll. Here's where I feel there is a problem. It's a variant that basically gets a head start ahead of all the other variants instead of competing with the other variants on the actual variant poll. I personally believe no RP should be given this treatment considering the entire point of doing variant polls were to my knowledge was to distinguish customs from the actual RP. Anyway those are my thoughts on it. What do you guys think? Should it be moved to the variant poll? Stay as is?

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Re: Battleless CQ and the Poll

Post by Articuno on Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:31 am

The point of making Battleless official was not to put it on a pedestal ahead of other variants, but to make it stand alongside regular Conquest so that people could have the option between an RP more focused on battling or an RP more focused on the roleplay itself. 

Variants for CQ are typically just an added tier (Doubles, BH, etc.) whereas Battleless provides an equal opportunity for those who enjoy the writing aspect more.

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