OC Development: Ivyheart Night [WIP]

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OC Development: Ivyheart Night [WIP]

Post by Saint Tempor on Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:29 pm

If you have ever seen me RP ever, you may have heard of "Suited Natalia" or "Ivyheart," whether mentioning her or RPing as her. I've come to tell you how exactly she formed not only as a character, but my main character.

I commonly draw her from memory, whether it's a simple sketch or a fully-fledged drawing.

Current Information:

Name: Ivyheart Night
Gender: Female
Species: Urseon [short-muzzled; mythical - winged]
Age: Unnanounced, presumably thirteen
Bio: Will be explained later

Development Stage One: Foggy Glimpses [Natalia Trinia]

"a chibified, yellowish version of a Freddy suit. It seemed to have a bit of life from which you could tell from its black-and-white-pupil eyes. A faint but noticeable dark green glow surrounded the suit's eyes."

The line you just read was a description of Natalia Trinia after she died and possessed a Golden Freddy suit (it was a FNaF RP that happened around two years ago with a used-to-be friend), chibifying and modifying it in the process (making it much more simple in terms of looks, making the hat dark grey, a more noticeable tail, etc.). According to the story, Natalia has a red bow that kept her hair back. She retained this bow and wore it with the dark blue one, but Vanessa said that it didn't look good. Natalia kept the red bow and wore it around her neck.

I commonly drew her as a chibified Golden Freddy suit (and I mean, a LOT). She was all over my papers and notebooks, so I decided to keep using her. When we got to the fifth arc of the RP (basically FNaF 3 but with two people and a much better storyline), the deceased Natalia played a huge role in the plot, being one of the main characters' mothers and technically the grandmother of the other (it's a complex family).

To, um, name a few examples.

As my drawings improved, I began to draw her more and more like a dog/bear than I actually intended. I eventually just imagined her as more of a bear possessed by a human spirit in ways other than the original RP.

Hyper Nat

[18:56:40] Day of the Dead: She then stopped, and a clear image of...whatever this thing was could be seen. It was pure white, with light blue ears, paws, underbelly, and muzzle. A dark blue glow surrounded its eyes.
[18:56:40] Day of the Dead: "...don't you see it, Vincent?" it rasped. "It's beautiful..watching our enemies being torn to pieces...just to laugh and watch them suffer.."

Hyper Nat is something that's always stuck to me as a form of all three 'Suited Nats.' It's a form that can be achieved when transmitting power to a certain object (usually an ax), and letting the energies react to each other (for Suited Nat [Chance Town], this has to be artificially applied). It's a monster form, but it's treated more of a natural occurrence more than a nuisance or a source of extreme power (in Ivyheart's point of view.)

Hyper Nat nowadays doesn't talk (or communicate at all, for that matter), contrary to the line above, other than howling, growling or roaring. Because of the energy, this powers Natalia up and grants her extreme strength and speed. Hyper Nat can run up to 130 mph while carrying a 12-pound ax (what power!).

In Ivyheart's case, this is very limited (for Ivyheart, it's referred to as Ivyspade.) and takes numerous conditions:

1. Ivyheart must be healthy
2. Ivyheart must be willing
3. The Great Ax must be present
4. Ivyheart must have enough Puppetmaster Energy to transform.

The picture above is a bit different from Ivyspade, as seen:

(This picture was originally drawn before the redesign of Suited Natalia. There is no top hat, there are two spots on its back where the wings should be, and the ivy shackles are replaced with flame-like energy bursts, like whats coming from the mouth)

Nightmare Natalia
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