An Introduction to Community Writing

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An Introduction to Community Writing

Post by Articuno on Sat Apr 15, 2017 3:24 am

If you're here you're likely wondering what this forum is all about. To put it simply: Every few weeks we'll put up a writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing. It'll be sort of like a mini contest, but here's the catch: YOU get to vote for which story you like the best!

If you decide to submit, here's how it goes:
1. Your story must be either on a forum post or a google docs.
2. Your story must be less than 9000 characters, or about 3 pages long.
3. If you use google docs, you must have 11/12 point easy-to-read font, with a white background and black text.
4. You may not include inappropriate or gory content.
5. For the sake of anonymous polls, do NOT post your username anywhere on your story. If you do, you will be disqualified. The only exception is a forum post, since it automatically attaches your forum name. 
6. Your story may be written in any universe (does not have to be Pokemon). If you do decide to write for Pokemon, you may use any Pokemon (legends and unreleased Pokemon included).
7. You may not submit an already-written story, or collaborate on its contents.

Once you've written your story, PM me (Articuno) on the forums with the link to your story and your PS username (so we can determine the winners after voting).

To avoid bias and popularity contests, voting works like this:
There will be two weeks after a prompt is posted to write your story. After the two weeks are over, a poll will come up on the thread with the prompt, and the post itself will contain the links to every story. You can read through as many as you like, and vote for whichever one you like best. At the end of the voting period (one week), the winner(s) will receive recognition in an MOTD and the room intro until the next writing prompt begins.

There will also be an Archive post of past winners here in this forum. Good luck to everyone, and have fun writing/reading!

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