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Mercenaries: A Hellish Rebut || Rusty Run! Empty Mercenaries: A Hellish Rebut || Rusty Run!

Post by LufiaGuy2000 on Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:04 pm

GM Name: LufiaGuy2000
Names and number of Players: Eight for sure, possibly ten? (Nicolethekat, MagatsuSBisharp, Kimono Kakashi, RollerScouter, DragonOfAtlantis, Jeaidfuis, Illario, Joshd415 [DrCirno and Rotom's Pokedex tentative] )
Time: Saturday, April 22, 2017. Starting at 19:00 GMT.
Game Description, Doc or Forum Post: Mercenaries: A Hellish Rebut. Some people may recall seeing this happening earlier when I had a lot more time to host, although I never actually scheduled a run of it. It's a campaign that I'm running that follows a custom, fully-home-brewed system of rules.
One shot or repeating: Hopefully, we'll be continuing this every Saturday if possible.
Previously played: It has never been scheduled before.

I think this is all I need? Lemme know if I need something more.

Resident Mercenaries host alongside Illario.
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