New Rusty RP- "The Temple." [JOINS CLOSED]

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New Rusty RP- "The Temple." [JOINS CLOSED] Empty New Rusty RP- "The Temple." [JOINS CLOSED]

Post by Makqui~サマ on Sun May 07, 2017 8:42 pm

GM Name: Makqui or MonochromeCloud
Names and number of Players: 3-8
Time: EST- 12:00pm || GMT- 5:00pm (Saturdays)
Game Description, Doc or Forum Post:
One shot or repeating: Repeating, thank you very much.
Previously played: Nope! This is a new RP~!

To join, PM/post below-
-OC Name
-Basic Tool
(By that, I mean a dagger, a stick, a small health kit, or something not too OP. You might find better stuff later, but right now, you gotta stick with basic things.)

Plot Stuff-
/me **You were walking in the forest, the sky dark with precipitation. It rumbled quietly, and you knew it was time to find shelter. Unfortunately, you had taken some wrong turns on the walk out here, so you were dead lost.**
/me **Other people were too, and you all had the same thought- The Temple. It’s forbidden to enter, but what other choice did you have? You ran and ran, slipping and sliding in the mud as rain poured down.**
/me **Finally, you made it. There stood the arch… You held your breath and crossed it… Nothing happened. Lightning arced across the sky and thunder boomed only seconds after. Now it is up to you and the others… What do you do?**

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New Rusty RP- "The Temple." [JOINS CLOSED] Empty Re: New Rusty RP- "The Temple." [JOINS CLOSED]

Post by ItsYaBoi1337 on Mon May 08, 2017 12:12 am

This seems cool. I'll join {Temple} if I can!
OC Name: Charles
Gender: Male
Item: Dagger

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