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Mobutt's Rate-and-Review Art

Post by Mobutt on Tue May 30, 2017 1:44 pm

Some-what Original Pokemon:

Once upon a time for a sprite contest on some Pokemon community site, I was required-if I wanted to enter-to create a Pokemon fusion based off two or three Pokemon to create a Pokemon that, to a certain degree, gives off the overall feeling of an original Pokemon. For this challenge, I used Doublade-pre evolution, Gastly and Solosis to create a Ghost/Dark Pokemon in what I like to call Blightmare! It took three hours to make...dammit. I got somewhat far in the contest-it also had to have one of it's types not belong to any of the Pokemon used to create it-but HOLY. How I even went on against some stuff surprises me.

Much more somewhat-original trainer sprite:

This has a different story to it. While I was through my Pixel-Art-Learning period, I stumbled upon a sprite tutorial-coincidentally on the same site as the competition one-that taught me how to make Pokemon pixel art. I learnt how to make a basic Pokemon trainer sprite-somewhat, anyways...-and then, after going through a c/p of a few steps out of the list, it became my own as I began to tweak it. You might be able to recognize the original sprite somewhere else.

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