Achilles's Conquest Type Viability Rankings and Team thread

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Achilles's Conquest Type Viability Rankings and Team thread

Post by Mobutt on Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:18 pm

Howdy, user. Somehow you stumbled unto my little shitstick of a post and hopefully thought the name was a bit interesting, if not mysterious and misleading. The thread here is for the purpose of explaining things which people don't understand and introducing them to the meta! Why a thread for it? Well, not meaning to brag, but I feel as if the amount of playing potential here is very annoyingly vast, considering it's concept. And-from testing runs way back-I can tell that many people get confused over the concept. Well, fear not! This should help. Here's the doc!
I guess credit to 18th for the idea.


Type Viability rankings:

I intend on making the tier lists for Achilles's Conquest depend largely on you, the audience's, opinion because unfortunately, I don't really trust my view on battling (1300+ elo on BH and 1250+ on CAP doesn't go for shit, in reality) but I've at least given the basics of what the tiers should be. The tiers are S, A, B, C, D, witch S being the best and D being, well, the worst.


The best Pokemon types in the meta. These usually tend to have a massive amount of options and working playstyles, some niches that are very hard to counter or get past or specific numbers of Pokemon that, when unbanned, make the type much more valuable. They could also just be extremely satisfying to play as, though that's night-unlikely to earn them a spot.

Dark: Incredible type, really. Dark types generally have outstanding Pokemon, both in terms of offensive and defensive and has a good amount of legend and Mega Pokemon options. They also have some of the easily most broken Pokemon in this entire meta-which, as you might tell, is definitely a feat-along with diverse and excellent options. Dark types, while having lots of weaknesses might hinder them with damage, their versatility-with some Pokemon rivaling normal Pokemon movesets-is a serious force to be reckoned with,
Offensive Mons: Houndoom-Mega, Weavile, Greninja, Mega-Sharpedo
Defensive Mons: Mandibuzz, Mega-Sableye, Muk-Alola, Tyranitar
Generally good Mons: Zoroark, Bisharp, Scrafty


A-tier types are usually of extremely useful caliber and tend to have few counters, a bevvy of options, etc. Some of the types can increase to S-tier and many of the types listed here are one of the best ways to become formidable in the battlefield.

Ice: Ice types have got it quite good with this meta. For one, all Ice types have Haze, which is helpful in a meta with some pretty dominant boosting threats. Second, all Ice types now have access to Aurora Veil, Stealth Rock, etc. Third, ice types now-due to their typing and weaknesses-have a large set of moves to use-and this is factoring in pure ice type. This type's many weaknesses are still a threat, though, and ice types usually fail at being all-around defensive without boosting. Still, this is probably one of the most viable types. May or may not move to S-rank.
Offensive Pokemon and threats: Kyurem-Black, Kyurem-White, Weavile
Defensive Pokemon and threats: Mamoswine, Articuno, Froslass
Generally Good Pokemon: Glalie-Mega, Walrein?

Grass: Grass also has a good run. It has a good amount of weaknesses, along with actually 'good' weaknesses, like Ice and Flying. It also has a good amount of mons to use in battle, not bothered by the one mega/one legend rule. Apart from some quite fantastic defensive options (Ferrothorn, Tangrowth), offensive mons (Serperior, Grass Tapu/UB) and the mons that fit nicely in-between (Venusaur-M) it is a force to be reckoned with.

Offensive Mons:Serperior, Tapu Bulu, Kartana
Defensive Mons:Mega-Venusaur, Ferrothorn, Tangrowth
Generally good Mons: Amoonguss


B-rank: B-rank types are pretty reliable in this meta, not the best but definitely still usable. A type being in B-rank usually implies that, while it was decent, there were some specific problems that wouldn't allow it in higher tiers but C to D rank would be too high. The types here usually either end up being somewhat underwhelming, have too many weaknesses, or are generally not just good enough.

Ground: Ground types in this meta tend to be, say, good enough in this meta. While the unlimited access to Spikes is nice, and some good status moves are available, like Spore. One major problem is that to the average players, Ground types don't seem as 'exciting' in comparison (though I'm jolly sure that good players can use it in their teams), in the sense of them not immediately having pretty good weaknesses.
Offensive Mons: Diggersby, Garchomp, Landorus-Therian
Defensive Mons: Stunfisk, Nidoking
Generally Good Mons: Mamoswine, Excadrill


C-rank. These types are, safe to say, somewhat of a handicap in this metagame. While they have potential and can be viable, they usually have few major boosts in comparison to other types, a somewhat general lack of good legendary or mega spots, not good enough Pokemon or somehow generally a 'okay' type. C-ranks, while alright and usuable, should probably be tried out by more experienced or strategic players.

Normal: This one's a bit surprising. While normal types alone have but one weakness, their general high moveset options and fairly good weakness in fighting type gives them a small, if not nice, niche. The ranks of Normal types also have some very formidable defensive and offensive options and due to their frighteningly large movepool for, well, nearly all normal types, they have good options.
Offensive Mons: Mega-Pidgeot, Poyrgon-Z, Staraptor
Defensive Mons: Chansey, Porygon-2, Snorlax
Generally Good Mons: Slaking, Audino-Mega


Types which are, well, pretty bad in this metagame. While this doesn't mean their bad in all metagames, the types listed here are either quite unviable or bad in this tier due to few options, hindrance by mega/legend moves, a lack of good Pokemon or a quite underwhelming performance in comparison to other types in this meta or even in itself in the worst cases.

Electric: Oof...this is quite annoying. For one, while Electric type users have a few Pokemon to chose from, a major problem with electric teams is the one-legend rule, which hurts it. Second, due to two of it's electric megas-two out of two-being unreleased, and no RU legends to bank on, this one-legend version is the only version, apart from no legends OR megas. Electric types also don't have big movepools when compared to every other type in general and ends up being near-useless.
Offensive Mons: Magnezone, Zapdos, Thundurus-Therian
Defensive Mons: Golem-Alola, Eelektross
Generally 'Good' Mons: Thundurus, Galvantula

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