Jett the Gabite

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Jett the Gabite

Post by Jett on Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:49 pm

Name: Jett
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Home: N/A, he is nomadic
Ability: Rough Skin
Significant features: He is shiny
Family: Blade (his father), his unknown, most likely deceased mother, Alex (older brother), Jade (younger sister)
Likes: Moderate heat, his friends, battling, justice, speed, hot water
Dislikes: Cold water, cheaters, bullies, rude pokemon, trainers

Jolly: He is easily excited, and is usually in a good mood

Rash: He sometimes makes rash decisions, and usually pays for them

Loyal: He will defend his friends, and will always take their side on things, even if he personally disagrees with them

Sore-Loser: He gets a bit too upset when he loses. He is currently trying to remedy this though


Blade: He hasn't seen his father for a while, but when he left, him and his father were somewhat close.

Alex: His older brother who decided to stay with the family. Jett has always looked up to his older brother, seeing him as a powerful pokemon.

Jade: His baby sister who is still a Gible. He had always been there for her. He was always the tough, protective big brother for her, since usually Alex would be out battling or hunting. It hurt him to leave her.

Backstory: Born in a cave near the Goldrock ruins, he was the second child and son to two Garchomps. His baby sister hatched a few months after him. When he was still very little, his cave was attacked by poachers. His father was away, hunting, so his mother held off the poachers while he and his older brother ran. They found a small abandoned burrow and hid in it. They waited for hours, too terrified to poke their heads out of the burrow. Eventually their father found them and they went to live in another cave. They stayed their for a long time, his brother soon evolved into a gabite. He also evolved a few months later. He then realized that he didn't want to stay in this cave for the rest of his life. When he was a Gible, he felt safe in his home, with his older brother and father. But he was growing, and he wanted to experience the world. He would miss his family, especially his younger sister, but he felt that he needed to do this. So he eventually left. He befriended a few pokemon on his journeys, but sadly, they didn't stay together for very long, as Jett wanted to continue his adventure.

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Re: Jett the Gabite

Post by The Penguinari of Sweg on Mon Jun 19, 2017 1:01 pm

Interesting OC! I like his personality, nomadic nature, and his relationship with his family,  but there are a few things you could elaborate on.

- Is there any particular reason that he dislikes trainers? Perhaps it's due to a bad experience with them? Elaborating a bit on this point would be helpful. Also, does he dislike all humans due to his experience with poachers, or is he ok with some of them?

- What's his temperament like? Is he quick to anger and get into a fight when someone provokes him or is he calmer and would rather try to negotiate? Or does it depend on the situation?

- What's his fighting style, and where did he learn to fight? Did his family teach him, is he self-taught from his journeys, something else, or a combination of some of these? Or is he inexperienced with fighting?

- While you describe events leading up to Jett leaving his home, his journeys aren't described much at all. Where did he go? Which Pokemon did he befriend? How close was he with them? Describing at least a few places he's been and people he's met, as well as his reactions to them, would go a long way in fleshing out your character and give him some things to reflect on. This may end up being something that you add on over time as you roleplay and think of more ideas, but having a few more past experiences would be a good start.

- Does your OC have any short or long term goals? I find that at least having a short-term goal in mind at the start of a roleplay makes the character seem much more real. It gives them something to work towards and may impact their decisions. Your character may be a wandering nomad, but even wandering nomads have hopes and dreams, even if he might never achieve them. Just like how you may add more backstory details over time, goals are very prone to change, and you may not even have anything specific in mind. However, even a small thing like "seeks out cool places" or "wants to meet interesting people" might end up being very helpful to have in mind.

I hope your OC gets fleshed out and grows more over time the more you roleplay using him! Very Happy
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