A long overdue Intro.~ Wolflix

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A long overdue Intro.~ Wolflix

Post by Wolflix_and_scar on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:21 pm

Woah guys, I almost been PS for one full year, its freakin' insane for me. A huge step for me. Now I been on the forums and PS for awhile but I figured I introduce myself to those who don't know me,or don't know me too well
 Hello! I am wolflix, but I go by wolf, wolfy or really anything you want. I am a young teenage female who mostly rp in freeroam with a group called 'sagerp' I enjoy MM, trainer and my favorite rp: kingdom. When I am not rping I am normally drawing or creating something with art. Aside from that I also collect pokemon cards and play competitively. The main type I use is water with a keldeo EX as my MVP.

I am a rather shy person and rather seclusive. I don't normally grow on to people in a day,so if you want to be my friend, you may need to be patient. Once you get to know my I am rather loud, hyper and excited. I love to write stories and I am currently writing one called 'The mental breakdown'

I love all of my friends very much and here are a few:
+Moe(C Flareon)
Shadow Corp
Woody(S Rapidash)
Zed Thom
And much more! Well thatis all you should know before we meet. Bye~

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Re: A long overdue Intro.~ Wolflix

Post by Kiraro The Kitsune on Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:46 am

Hello and welcome to the forums! I guess you're already experienced here so a "hi" is all you get.

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